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The How Of Growing Succulents The simplicity and enjoyment involved in planting a succulent garden can be realized with a few tips. Gardening gives me this vigorous pursuit to find something new to do in the garden. This is despite the fact that I do not have enough time in most cases. Absence of time notwithstanding, my objectives can be met in speedy manner. More interesting is the fact that kids can be part of this. The thing is I am limited in terms of space, I therefore have to think outside the box. Succulents bring to the garden want cannot be brought by other plants, that is striking boldness despite the small sizes. Coming up is the how.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Plants
There is the need to look for a small pot that has to have a hole in the bottom to facilitate drainage. The soil type is important as succulents are rather choosy with the type of soil meaning that soil for succulents particularly needs to be bought. The cost of the soil is relatively cheap, alternatively, it can be borrowed as a cutting from those that grow succulents. At the end of the day, the succulents will increase in size and cuttings can be acquired. Having your own cuttings will save on time and money.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Plants
1.Make sure you put the soil into the pot at least 1-inch or more for the pot to be exposed. You should dig a hole inside the soil to make a hole so that the succulent can have a room for planting. Make sure to leave more than or equal of an inch so that the succulent can be expose It is recommended to always water the succulent and put the near a sunny place. If you put too much fertilizer can worsen the situation that putting none. The best quantity of fertilizer (nitrogen) is 50% to 25%. The plant can thieve in both fertilizer or no fertilizer. You should remember to protect them from frost or snow, this may kill the plants. Enough sunlight is good for the succulent. Remember that the succulent don’t need direct sunlight only indirect sunlight, so make sure to filter the sunlight by putting them indoor by near direct wind flow. The sizes of the pot may vary according to the number of the plants you have, a bigger pot is good for large number of succulent while smaller one is for just a few plants. Due to high retain ability of water in succulent, you are required to not over-water them. Make sure the soil is dry before you water them again. A dry soil is required before you water your plant and this would ensure continued productivity.