Sports Hobby Running? It Turns It’s The Secret of Becoming the Fastest Runner

Running is often regarded as the easiest sport. In fact, to run you also need a variety of sports devices, for more effective results.

If you are fond of running sport, Puma as a global sports label that has a vision of being Forever Faster, has again created product innovation to showcase the best performance for runners, Speed ​​600 Ignite 2 available for men and women. Ignite is a technology contained in two layers of the central part of the soles to provide a comfortable and responsive side with full reverse energy for a runner.

In addition to Ignite, Puma Speed ​​600 Ignite 2 also has two other latest technological breakthroughs, such as Everfit ++ that are able to lock the feet over a soft layer, making the runs safer. Technology on the front of the foot is able to encourage runners to spur faster, since the first heel beat.

The Puma Speed ​​600 Ignite 2 collection presents a flexible frame and a layered heel to reduce the risk of sprinters, while providing a regular transition from the heel to the middle of the foot when standing. The main technology that makes Puma Speed ​​600 Ignite 2 a comfortable shoe used when running is Ever Track, inflatable rubber that makes this shoe 43% lighter weight 295 grams, and provide longer durability when used to run.

For women, the overall weight of this shoe is 240 grams allowing the runner to increase his speed while running. The design of the foot line was made specifically follow the shape of the foot of the woman, where the front of the wider, and smaller in the heel.

In addition to technology, the Puma Speed ​​600 Ignite 2 is also equipped with reflective on the top of the shoe, to keep it visible even though the lighting is a little on the run. Puma understands the uniqueness and motivation of every runner to achieve goals,