Researchers: Cursing Can Make You Stronger and Energetic

Maybe this is good news for anyone who likes to swear. New research finds, cursing when practicing or exercising, can increase muscle strength and stamina.

Are you biking uphill and need extra strength? Or you need an explosion of energy to lift the load at the end of your workout? Try doing it while swearing.

Psychologists from Keele University conducted a test in which some participants were asked to swear before an intense session on a cycling exercise or squeezing a tool that measures the strength of the handrails. In both situations, they found that cursing resulted in significant performance improvements compared to those who did not.

This study is a follow-up of previous research that found that cursing helps improve tolerance for pain. No wonder, we often get dirty words when we get hurt.

Dr. Richard Stephens, who led the study, said the possible reason for swearing could stimulate the sympathetic nervous system of the body. The system makes the heart beat faster like when in danger.

“That’s what we found in this experiment, it’s enough to explain why swearing has an effect on the strength and tolerance of pain,” he said as quoted by the Independent.

Nevertheless, Stephens admits there is still a need for further research to examine the full cursing power.

The first trial involved 29 volunteers with an average age of 21 years. Volunteers were then asked to pedal a bicycle as hard as they could on an exercise bike while repeatedly swearing or shouting positive sentences.

The researchers found that cursing increases peak power by an average of 24 watts.

In the second experiment, 52 participants at the same age underwent a hand grip test and once again, were asked to swear or shout a positive sentence. The average grip strength increases by 2.1 kilograms by swearing.

However, participants were asked not to shout when swearing. Instead, they were asked to swear in a steady and clear voice to avoid being overly emotional.

From the research, scientists concluded that swearing seems to be one form of emotional language.