Why Football is Very Popular

Football is a sport as well as a very popular game in the world. Football is a Sport played by 11 people per team with just a ball up for grabs with another team in order to insert the ball (scoring) as much as possible into the opposing goal is very much a fan around the world. Football fans come from various circles whether it is old, young, small children, adults, men, women, rich and poor all like football.

Why Soccer is Very Popular? Come to think of why people love football, why do they like sports that match 22 people in one field to snatch a ball? Are they crazy? Why bother grabbing the ball? What’s the benefits? Why is soccer sport so popular and famous in the world?

The reason why football is so popular

1. Football can be played by anyone

Football is a universal game that anyone can play in all societies, whether it’s old, young, small children, adults, men, women, rich and poor all playing football from home. Yep only have a ball does not need a large field if we have a ball all can be a field whether it’s a narrow alley, home page, tall buildings and highways can be our home ground have a ball. The ball does not have to be made of expensive rubber ball which is meant here is all we can kick and play whether it’s plastic ball, rubber, children’s ball even cans we squeeze then we kick can be called a ball, if you have a ball either That’s what ball then you’ve played soccer.

2. Football can be played anytime and anywhere

Football can be played anytime whether it is early morning, morning, daylight, even at night and in any weather whether it is rain, hot, windy origin have our guts can play ball. Playground can be anywhere either field, stadium, home page, school yard, campus, narrow alley or even more extreme we can play on the highway or high buildings.

3. Football is very easy to play

Football is very easy to play because we only need to play the ball with the whole body, especially the foot and except the hand, whether it plays by way of herd, pass, head, kick the ball that is important goal is to score as much as possible to the opponent’s goal.

4. The rules of football are very easy to understand

The rules in the game of football are very easy to understand and not confusing even if it is for the layman though, the important thing is we scored the opponent’s goal as much as possible with our body except the hands then we’ve played the ball. Compared to other sports such as volleyball, basketball and tennis, football is the most reasonable according to the way of calculation.

5. Football is not just a muscle game

Most people think in soccer the power of muscle is the most decisive but actually football is a game that desperately needs a great strategy to win, For that football clubs dare to pay expensive coach who is good at blending strategy

6. Football is a pride

If the soccer team we support in a ball tournament is either a club or a country of course this will be a pride for us and the winning team.

7. The game of football is not boring and monotonous

Techniques, movements, games, kicks and strategies in the game of soccer can be developed and varied so that the game of football does not look monotonous and boring which of course makes football more interesting.

The Most Popular Sports Branch in the World

Most Popular Sports in the World is a bodybuilding activity that aims to train our body to be healthy and strong both physically and mentally. Many of us who make sports as a fun Hobby, there is also a routine for a healthy body, but many also make sports as one of the business activities that generate income or make it a working profession.

At the International Olympic sports championships, there are 54 sports competed, each with 39 sports in the summer and 15 sports at the Winter Olympics. The popularity of different sports, there are many fans there are also some fans. The popularity of sports when viewed from the number of fans can be divided into two types, namely the number of spectators and the number of people who play it. But it must be underlined that sports favored by the Indonesian population is not necessarily well liked by citizens in other countries and vice versa sports favored by residents of other countries is not necessarily favored by our citizens.

Here is a list of the world’s most popular sports:

1. Soccer (Soccer)

Football is the most popular sport in the World with around 3.5 billion fans or nearly half of the world’s population. Football Sports consists of 2 teams opposite to each team that has 11 players. The goal of a football game is to enter the ball into the opposing goal as much as possible. The team that includes the ball (commonly called GOL) is the top winner.

2. Cricket (cricket)

In the second position of the most popular sport in the world is cricket sport or in Indonesia named Cricket. Cricket has 2.5 billion fans, mostly from British Commonwealth countries such as Britain, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Cricket / Cricket consists of 2 teams consisting of 11 players each.

3. Hockey (Hockey)

Hockey or Hockey in general consists of 3 types, namely Field Hockey playing in outdoor field, Indoor Hockey playing in Indoor field and Ice Hockey who play in Ice field. The number of Hockey Fans is estimated as much as 2 billion people mostly come from the countries of former British colonies such as India, Pakistan and Australia. Hockey is a game with a stick and a ball with a goal to score as many goals as possible. Parties who score the most goals are declared the winners.

4. Tennis

Tennis is a sport played by two players (single) or two pairs (double) each consisting of two players using rackets and rubber balls. The goal of Tennis is to play the ball in a certain way so that the opponent of the player can not return the ball again. The number of Tennis fans is about 1 billion people. Some famous Tennis Tournaments such as the Australian Open, US Open, Wimbledon and French Open.

The International Tennis Parent Organization is the International Tennis Federation while in Indonesia is shaded by the All Indonesian Tennis Association (Pelti).

5. Volley Ball (Volley Ball)

Number 5 is a Volleyball played by 2 teams, each team consists of 6 players. The first team to score (score) 25 is declared the winner. Volleyball fans number 900 million people. Volleyball is very popular among Brazilians, Cubans, Filipinos, Italians, Russians and Singaporeans. Some of the famous volleyball players include Karch Kiraly, Logan Tom, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings.

6. Table Tennis (Table Tennis)

Table tennis or often referred to as PING PONG is a sport that is played by two (singles) or two (double) players against each other. The Tennis table uses a wooden racket and is covered in rubber and a ball called Ping Pong ball. As the name suggests, Table Tennis is a sport that is played on a table measuring 274cm x 152.5cm. Number of Table Tennis Enthusiasts in this world as many as 850 million people. Table Tennis is a very popular sport by residents in China, Egypt, India, Russia, Poland and Singapore.

The International Tennis Tennis Organization is the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) while in Indonesia it is under the umbrella of PTMSI (Unity Table Tennis Indonesia).

7. Baseball

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in countries in America, especially in Venezuela, Cuba, USA and Canada. Japan is also one of the Asian countries who love this baseball sport. The number of baseball fans in the World is 500 million people. Baseball is played by two teams with each team consisting of 9 people.

8. Golf

Golf is a sport that plays individually or a team that competes to enter the Golf ball into the holes with as few blows as possible. The player who enters the ball with the lowest blow is declared the winner. Golf ball beating uses a special Golf stick that

Why choose swimming

 One of the most popular sports is swimming. Many people who love this sport because reportedly can accelerate the growth of children, in addition to playing basketball. No wonder if people who regularly swim since childhood grow big with healthy. His posture was well built and most were very slim. Therefore, swimming becomes one of the perfect choices.

But, there are also people who are unwilling to swim. In addition to not having the ability, they are afraid to be fat. This thinking came after they saw many swimming athletes whose chests were very field, including female athletes. Chests that are too plane for women to be a very avoidable for women.

But swimming is still a sport you have to do. At least three times a week. Many people do not know what are the benefits of swimming. They only know swimming can burn fat and also can make children become taller. However, there are many other benefits to health. For you who are curious, just see the following discussion.

All your muscles will be strong. Many people prefer to run instead of swimming to burn fat. But, when you run, the leg muscles, thighs and buttocks will be formed. While swimming trains all the muscles of your body. Swimming is one sport that moves and trains most of your body. When you swim, your feet and hands are clearly trained. Lung muscles are also trained. When you do the freestyle, your back will be attracted and your stomach muscles also come tight.

Helps your body to stay supple. The swimming gestures are actually many similar to stretching. Not only that, when you swim, indirectly you also twist, stretch, and dance your body in order to swim forward. Without the power of tugs and kicks in the water, your body will not move in the water. Hence, all this movement was also able to make your body becomes more flexible and flexible.

Reduces inflammation. According to a study, as reported by Lifehack.org, swimming was also able to reduce the inflammation that can cause atherosclerosis or artery disease characterized by the deposition of fat in the artery walls, in the heart. By reducing this inflammation, disease progression in other areas can also be resolved.

Swimming can also make you slim. Everyone knows about this. But not many know that swimming is the most efficient exercise to burn fat, even burn calories faster than jumping rope and run on a treadmill. Indeed, the fat burning intensity depends on the style you choose. A chest style performed for 10 minutes can burn 60 calories. Backstroke done in the same duration can burn fat up to 80 calories. If you want to quickly slim, do the butterfly for 10 minutes. Because it will burn 150 calories! Compare to running for 10 minutes which can only burn 100 calories.

May reduce asthma. When you swim, you are required to catch your breath. Swimming movement also strengthens the muscles that exist around the heart and lungs. Therefore, according to a study conducted in 2009, children who swim for six weeks, asthma symptoms are reduced. In addition they are no longer snoring.

A lot of pressure and stress? Swim! As quoted from Lifehack.org, swimming can also produce endorphins hormones that can make you happy. In the same article, they mention the level of happiness and equanimity is the same as when you do yoga. What’s more, research conducted five years ago shows that swimming can also reduce stress, by reversing brain damage through a process called hippocampal neurogenesis.

Swimming can also make you smart. A study in Australia shows that children who swim regularly are able to master language development, have good motor, more confidence, and growth faster than children who do not swim.

Well, that’s six swimming benefits according to various studies. From now on, do not just run, you also have to swim. Because with swimming you can be more

The Benefits Of Zumba Dance For Health

Benefits of zumba gymnastics is actually a lot of to lose weight to maintain health. The many benefits gained from gymnastics is what makes everyone, especially women love this one sport. Who does not know zumba? Almost everyone is sure to know the sport to lose weight on this one. Zumba actually been there since 2003. But in Indonesia itself new popular since early 2012 then. Currently zumba also become one of the sports favored by the community, especially the women. Because there are so many benefits for healt.

Jun Ko Agus, pioneer and instructor of Zumba Indonesia explains that zumba is a Latin dance combined with 30 percent fitness and 70 percent dance. So do not be surprised if zumba exercise per hour can burn calories between 600 to 1,000. In Indonesia alone zumba is divided into six categories and can be done by all ages. Then what about the movement?

Do not worry, zumba movement is also tailored to the age group of each, ranging from Zumbatomik, Toning, Sentao, Gold, Fitness and Aqua. In addition, the zumba movement can also be combined with various dance styles such as saco, salsa, flamenco, reggaeto and many more. So what are the benefits? Here’s the review. The benefits of zumba gymnastics

1. Diet program

Along with the zumba dancing that half dancing and half fitness will automatically burn calories and fat on the body. It is used by women for healthy diet program. In addition to fun zumba also make weight down in a few weeks after following the Zumba gymnastics program. Calories in the body will burn slowly, you can compare your weight before following zumba and 1 month after following zumba. Benefits after gymnastics will be felt, you will feel the body more fit and healthy. Fat areas of the abdomen, thighs, arms will slowly tighten, Zumba Dance is certainly the right solution for your diet program.

2.  Antistress medicine

Many people who say zumba gymnast make happy, this is due to the dance that follows the songs like Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. With a song like this, the body shakes and members do not feel tired or burdened with this sport. The zumba movement also includes unique and challenging, not making despair. More make us forget some problems for a moment and zumba. This you can see right away, and find everyone who follows this dance look more cheerful.

3. Tighten muscles

You have muscles that loosen up? This is because the muscle is rarely used, maybe you are too busy in front of the computer or shopping? If you let it sit for years the muscles will be flabby, like a fat mound whereas on the other hand you eat with more portion, of course this makes you look fat. For women who are pregnant, are not required to do a diet program because it is required to provide nutrition as well for the fetus, after giving birth to a woman’s body weight usually increases, then want to use the rest of the fat pile? Following Zumba gymnastics is one of the best choices for you. Because the zumba movement makes all the muscles move. From the arms, waist, abdomen, thighs, to the foot area. So within a few weeks after you follow Zumba gymnastics, it is most likely to get a slim body, toned muscles and a healthy body.

4. All Ages

Zumba dance is not covered for a certain age. But as it is said above that the zumba dance is grouped into several categories, among them are the zumba dance of children, adolescents, adult to middle-aged.

5. Ageless

Zumba dance makes all parts of the body move, as a result the heart beats faster and makes blood circulation more smoothly. Make body immunity increases. Like other sports, zumba stimulates the hormone endorphins in the body so it can affect your body’s moody and make you happier. Antioxidants in the body increases so that indirectly affect youthful for you.

6. Light and Easy Movement

If we see zumba dance either in the form of a video or just a picture, it’s a glimpse in our mind to rate the Zumba dance to look complicated, but the fact is not as expected. For zumba participants who follow gymnastics for the first time, look more comfortable and enjoy the movement. Of course, because this dance is packed so interesting, so enthusiastic the participants do not feel bored. 1 motion is repeated only 2 to 3 times.

7. Restore Good Mood

Not much benefit as an anti-stress drug, this dance returns your moody, because it can make you forget your problem for a while, on the other side of this dance is not boring, you will focus more sway, body will sweat more, 1 hour will not Feels

Indonesia is more enthralling in the badminton world

Badminton Indonesia looks more attractive in the eyes of the world. After being selected as one of the three hosts of the second badminton tournament, behind the Olympics, World Championships and Super Series Finals, Indonesia again gained the confidence of hosting two prestigious tournaments at junior level. The two prestigious U-19 championships are Asian Junior Championships (AJC) and World Junior Championships aka World Junior Championships (WJC).

If the newly opened Indonesian Open tournament tournament will not start next year, U-19 level tournaments that play mixed team numbers and individuals will be held this year. The holding of these two young tournaments took place in close proximity. AJC is scheduled for July 22-30 at Sports Venues Jaya Raya Bintaro, Jakarta. This time of the retreat a few weeks from the original plan because it is adjacent to the Eid al-Fitr. While the time and place of the WJC has been declared since last year. Yogyakarta Special Region has the honor of hosting the WJC, 9-22 October 2017. According to Bambang Roedyanto, Head of International Relations of PP PBSI as reported by badminton indonesia.org, Indonesia’s selection as the new AJC host was announced last week.

Although newly announced, it does not mind to host. “The matter of preparation time is quite short, we think there is no problem, there are still four months ahead, we have started to do the preparation that can be done.” Opportunity Getting the trust as the host for these two prestigious championships became an opportunity for Indonesia. Not only does it get legitimacy as a country with a strong badminton tradition with an unquestionable reputation. More than that this golden opportunity to provide technical advantages for the development of badminton in the country.

On the one hand as the host Indonesia will get a quota of more athletes. On the other hand opens opportunities for badminton, especially athletes and coaches, as well as clubs to look closely at the gait of the young men from abroad. The process of learning and exchanging insights can happen easily without having to spend more. Luxury and splendor are in sight. In order that athletes are getting motivated to take part in it. Although in the end the match will be determined by PBSI, which he said has started to call athletes to National training camp, at least still encourage young players to continue to show off. After AJC and WJC await next year’s world-class prestigious event, the 2018 Youth Olympic in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

These two championships are just like a selection of stairs to South America. Achievements in the AJC and WJC will be fruitful points that will pave the way to the world level. While other young victors who are not elected do not need to be discouraged because the opportunity is always open when able to show achievement. For the Indonesian contingent, AJC and WJC are a barometer to measure the world’s youth map. Almost certainly the world’s best junior athletes will take part in the two championships. Indonesia can measure the extent to which the strength is not only oriented to Youth Olympic, but more than that as a material evaluation of youth coaching in the country. It will look like what is the condition of our badminton regeneration and where Indonesia is positioned in the middle of the world competition map of young players. Reflecting on the WJC last year, Indonesia’s achievement has not been good. This shows that the regeneration process is still running so slow that it can not compete with other powerful countries. China is still a mirror in this regard. Although the achievements at the senior level is currently a bit shaky, the situation will be redeemed in the near future.

At the junior level or in the list of players Bamboo Curtain country as if never run out of talented young players. Try to look at the current world warning list, many young Chinese players can already compete with other senior players. It is only a matter of time before they will reclaim the throne and world rank. Some of the young players who have shaken the world are Chen Qingchen and 19-year-old Jia Yifan. Likewise in various international championships, let’s say the super series level down. The tournament grand prix gold level just ended in Basel, Switzerland last week became an example. Of the five titles contested four of them brought to East Asia. Among senior players like Lin Dan and Chen / Jia on the highest podium, there is a row of potential young players. They are female singles finalist Chen Xiaoxin (18) and Chen Yufei (19), and single son Shi Yuqi (21) who surrendered from his senior Super

Barcelona punish Espanyol errors in the derby

The Barca take the derby against Espanyol (0-3) in a meeting marked by the failures of the pelicans, especially in the boots of José Manuel Jurado, and that Luis Suárez did not hesitate to take advantage twice. Rakitic made the other culé to pass from Messi. Barcelona recover the lead with this victory and pressure passes again to Real Madrid in the fight for the League

The Spanish midfielder was key in the 0-3 defeat of his team against Barcelona. The San Luis pulled out a clear opportunity five minutes from the start, which could change the future of the game, and gave the first to Luis Suarez in a back pass in 50 ‘. No good served the good defensive framework that Quique Sanchez Flores devised to annul the Catalans. Messi assisted Rakitic in the second and Suárez took advantage of a mistake in a clearance from the blue-and-white rear to make the definitive 0-3. It is a decade since the last Espanyol home victory in the League derbies.

It was difficult for Barcelona to generate chances of danger in the goal of the former madridista Diego López. The tactical web of the parakeet coach had an effect, and even Messi could not get rid of so many Spaniard players around him. The Luis Enrique did not find the hole to get in, and so it was at the end of the first 45 minutes.

After the resumption, Barcelona barely took five minutes to open the score in the most unexpected. Jose Manuel Jurado, probably the most reliable player in the pass of the team blanquiazul, sent a ball back that remained in no man’s land, and the smartest of the class as Luis Suarez was able to take advantage to go alone against the goalkeeper and do The 0-1. The Uruguayan changed the game and made the defensive approach of Sanchez Flores useless. Espanyol now had to open in search of the goal.

With the score in favor, the Barca were more relaxed. By contrast, the Spaniards began to leave more spaces and Barcelona was becoming more comfortable. That was when the Argentine crack appeared, Leo Messi, in the 76th minute to do one of his and assist Rakitic so that, with a subtle strike with the left, put the ball to the far stick of the parakeet and finish inside network.

The 0-2 seemed too punishing for the good work the blue-white players for more than an hour. Nevertheless, the perico group would end up receiving a greater corrective with the third both culé and second in the particular account of Luis Suárez. The Uruguayan took advantage of a mistake in the clearance of the Spaniard behind to stand hand in hand against Diego Lopez and beat him again.

With this important victory, those of Luis Enrique recover the leadership and put back pressure to Real Madrid in the fight for the title of Liga, lack of three days (one more for the white set).

Alonso achieved the best time in the first test for the Indianapolis 500

Fernando Alonso, the two-time Formula One world champion, was the best on Monday in the first day of testing for the Indianapolis 500, to be held in the mythical Indiana Oval Next May 28th.

Alonso, 35, who has just arrived in the United States, having finished 12th in the Formula One Spanish Grand Prix at the Montmeló circuit in Barcelona, ​​finished first in the first official training session, Of two hours of orientation, in which the debutantes rolled next to some of the ‘veterans’.

The double world champion of F1 (2005 and 2006, with Renault), that in the 500 Miles of Indianapolis will compete with the team Andretti in a car propelled by Honda – the driver that gives all sorts of headaches to his team in The F1, McLaren, topped the average speed chart, rolling at 221,634 miles per hour (356.67 kilometers per hour).

The second best in training was his compatriot Oriol Serviá, who has competed several times in the Indy category and debuted at the Indianapolis 500 in 2009 with the Rahal team.

The Catalan Serviá, the Spaniard with the best results in Formula Indycar, who rolled to an average of 220,759 miles per hour (355.25 kilometers per hour), will participate in the hundredth first edition of the historic race again aboard a Rahal .

In the training participated other debutantes, like the British Ed Jones, that reached the third better average of the same, of 218,288 miles to the hour (352,90 kilometers per hour); And Jack Harvey – as Alonso of the Andretti Autosport Honda -, author of the sixth average: 214,353 (344.96 kilometers per hour).

Well advised

Alonso, who first made contact with Formula Indy at Indianapolis Motor Speedway – where he had already run five times in F1, with a second place finish in 2007 as best result – on May 3, he received some advice before Of training this Monday by Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya, former Formula One driver.

Montoya, a two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 – before (in 2000) and after (in 2015) having been an F1 driver, he spent a few moments with the Spaniard before Alonso participated in the debutants’ To another training in which participated the spectacular Colombian pilot.

The first training in which Alonso participated – 32 times victorious in Formula One – was distributed in three batches: during the first, the pilots had to give up to ten laps to the oval – of 4,023 meters – in a strip of between 205 and 210 miles per hour; In the second, fifteen between 210 and 215 miles per hour (346 kilometers per hour); With a total of fifteen other rounds around or above that average speed.

It was in this part of the trial, obviously, that Alonso reached the best average, 221,634 miles per hour (356.67 kilometers per hour).

Alonso was surprised to announce days after the Bahrain Grand Prix, in mid-April, of his intention to participate in the Indianapolis 500 with a view to achieving the ‘Triple Crown’, which – having twice won the F1 World Championship and The Monaco Grand Prix – will win if it wins in the Indiana Brickyard and, later, the 24 Hours of Le Mans (France) is also noted.

His participation in the Indianapolis 500 means that the next event of the Formula One World Championship will be lost, namely the Monaco Grand Prix, which will take place in the Principality of the French Riviera, also during the last weekend of this month.