How to do sit ups to train the abdominal muscles

How to do sit ups that are good and true can train and build abdominal muscles become beautiful. Some say to shrink the stomach, you have to do sit ups. The statement is wrong, because sit ups can not burn fat. But sit up serves to sculpt the stomach becomes more beautiful.

So for those of you who still have a distended stomach, should burn fat first by running or jogging, cycling and swimming.

There are a few things you should look for before starting a sit up exercise:

  • Ask for help from friends if you find it difficult to keep your heels on the floor.
  • Perform a good breathing right when doing sit ups, exhale through the mouth when lifting the body and inhale through the nose when the body down.
  • For beginners or who are just starting sit ups, should not be excessive and do only a few times for the muscles are not interested.
  • After a strong stomach, you can add variety and number of exercise portion reps. But do not overdo it in doing the exercises.

Avoid sit-up exercises if you are diagnosed with osteoporosis, because bending the spine in a sit-up position can increase the pressure on the bones and risk stress fractures or stress-induced fractures.

 How to Conduct Sit Up is Good and Right:

  1. Initial step, bend the knee with the ball of the foot and the heel is placed flat to the ground.
  2. Place your hands over the opposite shoulders, so that your arms cross over the chest, or behind the head as shown in the picture above. It lets you reach the central rise point.
  3. Tighten your abdominal muscles gently by pulling your navel towards your spine.
  4. Keeping the heel fixed on the floor and toes flat on the floor, gently lift and gently lift the head first, followed by your shoulder blade. Focus your eyes on your bent knees, while contracting your abdominal muscles gently. Pull your body off the floor until you reach a ninety degree angle, or when your elbows are above, or past the knee.
  5.  Stay in this position for a moment. Gently lower your body back to the floor but try not to stick your back to the floor but slightly curved at a distance of several centimeters above the floor.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 to continue the exercise. If you are just starting a sit up exercise, do it only 2-3 times and gradually increase the number over time, as your body strength increases. Hope you can also lose weight!

Common mistakes that often occur when doing sit ups

1. If you choose to place your hands behind your head while doing sit up exercises, you should not push your head forward while lifting your body. This often happens unconsciously when you start to get tired. Make sure the head stays straight while practicing.

2. Do not try to touch the forehead on the knee. Because this can excessive pressure on the bottom. When you can not keep your feet on the floor, you usually spend extra energy doing sit ups. And most of this effort relies on the strength of the thighs and not the stomach anymore that becomes the target of the exercise. So you will not get the maximum exercise effect.

The only way to build muscle is to force the muscles beyond the limits of endurance. But keep in mind, when you do a lot of sit-ups to the point you start to feel a stinging sensation in your stomach, then you’ve been practicing too hard. Better to stop immediately because your body condition will start to deteriorate and you will not be able to do sit-up correctly.