Remember These 3 Things Before Sports

Exercise is one of the important activities to be done to get a healthy body and prime. In addition to healthy, exercise can also burn calories in the body and help smooth the flow of blood.

Various types of sports you can choose according to your hobby or likes, such as Gym, Fitness, Aerobics, jogging or running to football. Of the many types of sports, there are at least 3 important things to keep in mind well in order to get optimal results from exercise activities.


For those of you who like running or jogging, the afternoons become the right time to do this sport. At this time, the human body is at its highest point, the muscles become more flexible resulting in enough energy to exercise.

After undergoing office activities, the evening at 7-8 can also be a good time to exercise like fitness, aerobics. Night sports make bedtime faster and better because of blood pressure and reduced muscle tension. Avoid exercise when you feel tired, lack of energy and sore muscles. Including when your sleep time is less.


Use clothes that are easy to absorb sweat. Generally fabrics containing polypropylene or Coolmax and Supplex fabrics are good choices so sweat evaporates quickly and the body stays cool. Avoid cloth that is pore-dense or not even porous and do not wear clothes made of rubber or plastic material.

For sports such as yoga or floor gymnastics, fabrics that contain wacking fibers are a good choice. If exercising outdoors or doing seasonal sports, the clothes worn must also be adjusted to the conditions of the season.


Sports performed regularly require special shoes. Not only protect the soles of the feet, but also keep the balance of the body while doing sports movement. There are several categories of sports shoes, ie walking shoes, running shoes, soccer shoes, aerobic shoes, and basketball shoes.

Sports shoes to run course must be very flexible so it can support the activity to bend each time the user stepped. Running type shoes are certainly not suitable for soccer shoes because soccer shoes should be able to reduce the amount of pressure on the foot. If the shoe used is not suitable, the soccer player is at risk of calluses on the skin surface or growth disorders of the toenail.

So also with sports shoes for basketball and tennis. These shoes tend to be more rigid and heavy because it suits the needs of its users to more flexibly move sideways.

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Sports Hobby Running? It Turns It’s The Secret of Becoming the Fastest Runner

Running is often regarded as the easiest sport. In fact, to run you also need a variety of sports devices, for more effective results.

If you are fond of running sport, Puma as a global sports label that has a vision of being Forever Faster, has again created product innovation to showcase the best performance for runners, Speed ​​600 Ignite 2 available for men and women. Ignite is a technology contained in two layers of the central part of the soles to provide a comfortable and responsive side with full reverse energy for a runner.

In addition to Ignite, Puma Speed ​​600 Ignite 2 also has two other latest technological breakthroughs, such as Everfit ++ that are able to lock the feet over a soft layer, making the runs safer. Technology on the front of the foot is able to encourage runners to spur faster, since the first heel beat.

The Puma Speed ​​600 Ignite 2 collection presents a flexible frame and a layered heel to reduce the risk of sprinters, while providing a regular transition from the heel to the middle of the foot when standing. The main technology that makes Puma Speed ​​600 Ignite 2 a comfortable shoe used when running is Ever Track, inflatable rubber that makes this shoe 43% lighter weight 295 grams, and provide longer durability when used to run.

For women, the overall weight of this shoe is 240 grams allowing the runner to increase his speed while running. The design of the foot line was made specifically follow the shape of the foot of the woman, where the front of the wider, and smaller in the heel.

In addition to technology, the Puma Speed ​​600 Ignite 2 is also equipped with reflective on the top of the shoe, to keep it visible even though the lighting is a little on the run. Puma understands the uniqueness and motivation of every runner to achieve goals,…

The IOC plans to exclude dozens of doped athletes from the Rio Olympic Games

The review of samples from Beijing 2008 and London 2012 has yielded a score of positive, largely Russian

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) plans to launch a tough anti-doping message with the exclusion of a good number of athletes from the Rio de Janeiro Games after reviewing their analysis of Beijing 2008 and London 2012.

So far, there are about thirty athletes, although there could be more, from twelve different countries and six Olympic disciplines. The anti-doping controls of these athletes, which in the previous Games revealed no anomalies, would have now yielded, with more advanced methods and capable of detecting more doping substances, a positive result.

The first names that have been known are those of 14 Russian Olympians, eight of them medalists in Peking, from where would come its positive. Anna Chicherova, bronze in high jump in 2008 and gold at the London 2012 Games, is one of them. The penalty would also imply the loss of the medal, which would allow the Spanish Ruth Beitia, who was fourth, to climb to the podium as a bronze medal.

The list also includes the Olympic runners-up in 4×400 relays Anastasia Kapachinskaya (world champion in 2003 and Europe in 2010) and Tatyana Fírova (also silver in Athens 2004 and London 2012).

Among the accused Beijing medalists are also Denis Nizhegorodov, bronze in 50 kilometers march in 2008 and silver in 2004; Maria Abakumova, silver in javelin throwing; Ekaterina Volkova, silver in 3,000 meters obstacles; Nadezhda Evstyukhina and Marina Shainova, bronze and silver in weightlifting, respectively.

Inga Abitova, champion of Europe in march 10 kilometers in 2005 and 2006; Yulia Chermoshanskaya, European champion in 4×400 relays in 2010 and 2011; Alexander Pogorélov, bronze at the Decathlon World Championships in Berlin 2009; And Alexander Kornilov, European champion and runner-up in the world, close the list of international champions in Beijing suspected of doping.

Denis Alekseev (relay 4×400) and Iván Yushkov (bullet throw), two smaller international athletes who competed in those Olympic Games, are also among the accused.

In addition to the 454 samples that have been revised from Beijing, there are another 250 London 2012 “in process,” according to the president of the international body, Thomas Bach.

Russia, under suspicion

Punishments can range from a lifelong suspension to a ban on participating in the Games or sanctioning an entire federation. The International Athletics Federation (IAAF) has already agreed last year to provisionally suspend the Russian Federation, following the recommendation of the Independent Commission of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Following recent scandals with massive doping in Russian athletics and mass consumption among Russian sportsmen and women of meldonium, a cardiovascular drug banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, new media reports have in recent days targeted doping at the Winter Olympics of Sochi 2014.

Former Russian anti-doping laboratory director Grigori Ródchenkov and Russian Anti-Doping Agency official Vitali Stepanov have denounced US media that dozens of Russian athletes, including at least 15 medalists, were doped in Sochi for the Own host country authorities.

Ródchenkov admitted that he himself provided the athletes with a cocktail of three anabolic steroids -metabolone, trenbolone and oxandrolone- that allowed them to recover quickly from high intensity workouts and compete at the highest level for several consecutive days.

The KGB was able to manipulate the urine

In addition, he reported that alleged agents of the Federal Security Service (FSB, former KGB) manipulated during the course of the Olympic Games urine samples to prevent the Russian athletes were discovered.

Apparently, the method worked, as after sixth place at the Vancouver Games, Russian athletes won 33 medals in Sochi, thirteen gold, ten more than in Canadian lands, which allowed them to win against All prognosis the first position in the medal table ahead of the US.

The best plugins and templates for sports websites

If you’re a sports fan, check out the most avant-garde plugins and templates for your WordPress website.

WordPress is a great tool for creating websites, especially if they are sports, thanks to its flexibility and versatility. But, with the large number of templates and plugins available, it can be difficult to find which one is perfect for your site. For this reason and taking advantage of the sports wave of the Rio 2016 Olympics, we have decided to compile the best sports plugins for your website.

WordPress Templates for Sports

There are a lot of themes or templates available for websites for sporting purposes. Whether you’re looking to build a site for your team, create a fan page, a sports news portal, or even build a site for your league, you’ll find the perfect theme for your needs.

1. Sportedge

Sportedge is a great theme for those looking to create a sports-oriented news site. It has a very high profile design, is easily and customizable to suit your needs.

This theme can be incorporated for a variety of sports. If you need a theme, which allows you to build a high traffic sports magazine, Sportedge is the best option, try it here.

2. Club Sports

Sports Club or Clubsports is a sports magazine issue with responsive. This theme will look amazing no matter the size of the screen in which it is projected. If you want to highlight the latest sports news, results, schedules, and more then this topic could be a great option.

This theme also allows you to give your personal touch with various color options, image banners, and many more customization options.

3. Gameplan

Gameplan is designed for gyms, fitness clubs, and other sports clubs. The best advantage of this theme is that you can have a class planner, so people can easily sign up for their classes on your web portal.

This theme can easily be customized according to the corporate image of your sports center and according to your tastes. If you want to create a professional looking site for your gym, or fitness events, then try Gameplan.

4. Sportsline

Sportsline was originally built for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. But, this theme can be used for a variety of sports beyond football. It has a number of features, which allow you to upload game statistics, results and other list information.

This theme is also compatible with WooCommerce, which may be ideal for people looking to group e-commerce functionality with their existing sites.

5. WP FanZone

Currently all have invested in a premium theme. For this reason, we want to show you a free theme to create a web portal for the news of your favorite sport, is WP FanZone.

If you are a sports fan you are hoping to create a high quality sports blog or an online magazine for your favorite team or sport. It is not as sturdy as the templates mentioned above, but it can be a good starting point for some sports fans mainly.

WordPress Plugins for Sport

Plugins are a great way to further customize your WordPress sports website. If the theme you want does not have a certain function, then you can add that feature with a plugin. Also if you are evaluating to increase the functionality of your sports site and take it to the next level, then check out some of the following plugins:

1. SportsPress


SportsPress is probably one of the most complete WordPress sports plugins. If you have a sports website and you are looking to display your equipment, or even your entire league. It has a number of options that allow you to create team-specific sports pages, player statistics, standings, league schedule, and much more.

2. SportsPress TV

SportsPress TV

SportsPress TV is a great addition for those looking to add tons of high quality content to their sports websites. This plugin allows you to insert content messages of more than 400 different channels. There is no need to search the web trying to find the content of your website perfect for sports. This plugin will do it for you.

3. WP Club Manager

WP Club Manager

If you are the administrator of a sports club, this plugin facilitates the management of the team. With WP Club Manager you can manage multiple team profiles, create player profiles and statistics. You can also show things like, club staff, league sponsors, and even ranking. This plugin allows you to customize your site