Indonesia is more enthralling in the badminton world

Badminton Indonesia looks more attractive in the eyes of the world. After being selected as one of the three hosts of the second badminton tournament, behind the Olympics, World Championships and Super Series Finals, Indonesia again gained the confidence of hosting two prestigious tournaments at junior level. The two prestigious U-19 championships are Asian Junior Championships (AJC) and World Junior Championships aka World Junior Championships (WJC).

If the newly opened Indonesian Open tournament tournament will not start next year, U-19 level tournaments that play mixed team numbers and individuals will be held this year. The holding of these two young tournaments took place in close proximity. AJC is scheduled for July 22-30 at Sports Venues Jaya Raya Bintaro, Jakarta. This time of the retreat a few weeks from the original plan because it is adjacent to the Eid al-Fitr. While the time and place of the WJC has been declared since last year. Yogyakarta Special Region has the honor of hosting the WJC, 9-22 October 2017. According to Bambang Roedyanto, Head of International Relations of PP PBSI as reported by badminton, Indonesia’s selection as the new AJC host was announced last week.

Although newly announced, it does not mind to host. “The matter of preparation time is quite short, we think there is no problem, there are still four months ahead, we have started to do the preparation that can be done.” Opportunity Getting the trust as the host for these two prestigious championships became an opportunity for Indonesia. Not only does it get legitimacy as a country with a strong badminton tradition with an unquestionable reputation. More than that this golden opportunity to provide technical advantages for the development of badminton in the country.

On the one hand as the host Indonesia will get a quota of more athletes. On the other hand opens opportunities for badminton, especially athletes and coaches, as well as clubs to look closely at the gait of the young men from abroad. The process of learning and exchanging insights can happen easily without having to spend more. Luxury and splendor are in sight. In order that athletes are getting motivated to take part in it. Although in the end the match will be determined by PBSI, which he said has started to call athletes to National training camp, at least still encourage young players to continue to show off. After AJC and WJC await next year’s world-class prestigious event, the 2018 Youth Olympic in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

These two championships are just like a selection of stairs to South America. Achievements in the AJC and WJC will be fruitful points that will pave the way to the world level. While other young victors who are not elected do not need to be discouraged because the opportunity is always open when able to show achievement. For the Indonesian contingent, AJC and WJC are a barometer to measure the world’s youth map. Almost certainly the world’s best junior athletes will take part in the two championships. Indonesia can measure the extent to which the strength is not only oriented to Youth Olympic, but more than that as a material evaluation of youth coaching in the country. It will look like what is the condition of our badminton regeneration and where Indonesia is positioned in the middle of the world competition map of young players. Reflecting on the WJC last year, Indonesia’s achievement has not been good. This shows that the regeneration process is still running so slow that it can not compete with other powerful countries. China is still a mirror in this regard. Although the achievements at the senior level is currently a bit shaky, the situation will be redeemed in the near future.

At the junior level or in the list of players Bamboo Curtain country as if never run out of talented young players. Try to look at the current world warning list, many young Chinese players can already compete with other senior players. It is only a matter of time before they will reclaim the throne and world rank. Some of the young players who have shaken the world are Chen Qingchen and 19-year-old Jia Yifan. Likewise in various international championships, let’s say the super series level down. The tournament grand prix gold level just ended in Basel, Switzerland last week became an example. Of the five titles contested four of them brought to East Asia. Among senior players like Lin Dan and Chen / Jia on the highest podium, there is a row of potential young players. They are female singles finalist Chen Xiaoxin (18) and Chen Yufei (19), and single son Shi Yuqi (21) who surrendered from his senior Super