Researchers: Cursing Can Make You Stronger and Energetic

Maybe this is good news for anyone who likes to swear. New research finds, cursing when practicing or exercising, can increase muscle strength and stamina.

Are you biking uphill and need extra strength? Or you need an explosion of energy to lift the load at the end of your workout? Try doing it while swearing.

Psychologists from Keele University conducted a test in which some participants were asked to swear before an intense session on a cycling exercise or squeezing a tool that measures the strength of the handrails. In both situations, they found that cursing resulted in significant performance improvements compared to those who did not.

This study is a follow-up of previous research that found that cursing helps improve tolerance for pain. No wonder, we often get dirty words when we get hurt.

Dr. Richard Stephens, who led the study, said the possible reason for swearing could stimulate the sympathetic nervous system of the body. The system makes the heart beat faster like when in danger.

“That’s what we found in this experiment, it’s enough to explain why swearing has an effect on the strength and tolerance of pain,” he said as quoted by the Independent.

Nevertheless, Stephens admits there is still a need for further research to examine the full cursing power.

The first trial involved 29 volunteers with an average age of 21 years. Volunteers were then asked to pedal a bicycle as hard as they could on an exercise bike while repeatedly swearing or shouting positive sentences.

The researchers found that cursing increases peak power by an average of 24 watts.

In the second experiment, 52 participants at the same age underwent a hand grip test and once again, were asked to swear or shout a positive sentence. The average grip strength increases by 2.1 kilograms by swearing.

However, participants were asked not to shout when swearing. Instead, they were asked to swear in a steady and clear voice to avoid being overly emotional.

From the research, scientists concluded that swearing seems to be one form of emotional language.…

The Benefits Of Zumba Dance For Health

Benefits of zumba gymnastics is actually a lot of to lose weight to maintain health. The many benefits gained from gymnastics is what makes everyone, especially women love this one sport. Who does not know zumba? Almost everyone is sure to know the sport to lose weight on this one. Zumba actually been there since 2003. But in Indonesia itself new popular since early 2012 then. Currently zumba also become one of the sports favored by the community, especially the women. Because there are so many benefits for healt.

Jun Ko Agus, pioneer and instructor of Zumba Indonesia explains that zumba is a Latin dance combined with 30 percent fitness and 70 percent dance. So do not be surprised if zumba exercise per hour can burn calories between 600 to 1,000. In Indonesia alone zumba is divided into six categories and can be done by all ages. Then what about the movement?

Do not worry, zumba movement is also tailored to the age group of each, ranging from Zumbatomik, Toning, Sentao, Gold, Fitness and Aqua. In addition, the zumba movement can also be combined with various dance styles such as saco, salsa, flamenco, reggaeto and many more. So what are the benefits? Here’s the review. The benefits of zumba gymnastics

1. Diet program

Along with the zumba dancing that half dancing and half fitness will automatically burn calories and fat on the body. It is used by women for healthy diet program. In addition to fun zumba also make weight down in a few weeks after following the Zumba gymnastics program. Calories in the body will burn slowly, you can compare your weight before following zumba and 1 month after following zumba. Benefits after gymnastics will be felt, you will feel the body more fit and healthy. Fat areas of the abdomen, thighs, arms will slowly tighten, Zumba Dance is certainly the right solution for your diet program.

2.  Antistress medicine

Many people who say zumba gymnast make happy, this is due to the dance that follows the songs like Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. With a song like this, the body shakes and members do not feel tired or burdened with this sport. The zumba movement also includes unique and challenging, not making despair. More make us forget some problems for a moment and zumba. This you can see right away, and find everyone who follows this dance look more cheerful.

3. Tighten muscles

You have muscles that loosen up? This is because the muscle is rarely used, maybe you are too busy in front of the computer or shopping? If you let it sit for years the muscles will be flabby, like a fat mound whereas on the other hand you eat with more portion, of course this makes you look fat. For women who are pregnant, are not required to do a diet program because it is required to provide nutrition as well for the fetus, after giving birth to a woman’s body weight usually increases, then want to use the rest of the fat pile? Following Zumba gymnastics is one of the best choices for you. Because the zumba movement makes all the muscles move. From the arms, waist, abdomen, thighs, to the foot area. So within a few weeks after you follow Zumba gymnastics, it is most likely to get a slim body, toned muscles and a healthy body.

4. All Ages

Zumba dance is not covered for a certain age. But as it is said above that the zumba dance is grouped into several categories, among them are the zumba dance of children, adolescents, adult to middle-aged.

5. Ageless

Zumba dance makes all parts of the body move, as a result the heart beats faster and makes blood circulation more smoothly. Make body immunity increases. Like other sports, zumba stimulates the hormone endorphins in the body so it can affect your body’s moody and make you happier. Antioxidants in the body increases so that indirectly affect youthful for you.

6. Light and Easy Movement

If we see zumba dance either in the form of a video or just a picture, it’s a glimpse in our mind to rate the Zumba dance to look complicated, but the fact is not as expected. For zumba participants who follow gymnastics for the first time, look more comfortable and enjoy the movement. Of course, because this dance is packed so interesting, so enthusiastic the participants do not feel bored. 1 motion is repeated only 2 to 3 times.

7. Restore Good Mood

Not much benefit as an anti-stress drug, this dance returns your moody, because it can make you forget your problem for a while, on the other side of this dance is not boring, you will focus more sway, body will sweat more, 1 hour will not Feels

Alonso achieved the best time in the first test for the Indianapolis 500

Fernando Alonso, the two-time Formula One world champion, was the best on Monday in the first day of testing for the Indianapolis 500, to be held in the mythical Indiana Oval Next May 28th.

Alonso, 35, who has just arrived in the United States, having finished 12th in the Formula One Spanish Grand Prix at the Montmeló circuit in Barcelona, ​​finished first in the first official training session, Of two hours of orientation, in which the debutantes rolled next to some of the ‘veterans’.

The double world champion of F1 (2005 and 2006, with Renault), that in the 500 Miles of Indianapolis will compete with the team Andretti in a car propelled by Honda – the driver that gives all sorts of headaches to his team in The F1, McLaren, topped the average speed chart, rolling at 221,634 miles per hour (356.67 kilometers per hour).

The second best in training was his compatriot Oriol Serviá, who has competed several times in the Indy category and debuted at the Indianapolis 500 in 2009 with the Rahal team.

The Catalan Serviá, the Spaniard with the best results in Formula Indycar, who rolled to an average of 220,759 miles per hour (355.25 kilometers per hour), will participate in the hundredth first edition of the historic race again aboard a Rahal .

In the training participated other debutantes, like the British Ed Jones, that reached the third better average of the same, of 218,288 miles to the hour (352,90 kilometers per hour); And Jack Harvey – as Alonso of the Andretti Autosport Honda -, author of the sixth average: 214,353 (344.96 kilometers per hour).

Well advised

Alonso, who first made contact with Formula Indy at Indianapolis Motor Speedway – where he had already run five times in F1, with a second place finish in 2007 as best result – on May 3, he received some advice before Of training this Monday by Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya, former Formula One driver.

Montoya, a two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 – before (in 2000) and after (in 2015) having been an F1 driver, he spent a few moments with the Spaniard before Alonso participated in the debutants’ To another training in which participated the spectacular Colombian pilot.

The first training in which Alonso participated – 32 times victorious in Formula One – was distributed in three batches: during the first, the pilots had to give up to ten laps to the oval – of 4,023 meters – in a strip of between 205 and 210 miles per hour; In the second, fifteen between 210 and 215 miles per hour (346 kilometers per hour); With a total of fifteen other rounds around or above that average speed.

It was in this part of the trial, obviously, that Alonso reached the best average, 221,634 miles per hour (356.67 kilometers per hour).

Alonso was surprised to announce days after the Bahrain Grand Prix, in mid-April, of his intention to participate in the Indianapolis 500 with a view to achieving the ‘Triple Crown’, which – having twice won the F1 World Championship and The Monaco Grand Prix – will win if it wins in the Indiana Brickyard and, later, the 24 Hours of Le Mans (France) is also noted.

His participation in the Indianapolis 500 means that the next event of the Formula One World Championship will be lost, namely the Monaco Grand Prix, which will take place in the Principality of the French Riviera, also during the last weekend of this month.