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For those of you who often use four-wheeled vehicles, have ever experienced the incident your truck suddenly roared. But your feet do not step on the gas pedal. Must be confused and not know why the reason?

Indeed many cases of trucks suddenly “roared” aka the engine rotation becomes sudden high even though our feet do not step on the gas pedal. Worse yet, these symptoms often appear without any other signs. Then, when RPM is rising, it’s hard to fall back to normal again.

Of course it can be imagined what danger could cause fatal to the driver. In manual transmission trucks and Matic also different danger. For manual transmission trucks, can hit if the clutch removed. However, for the transmission of Matic trucks, shifting from N to D will create a sound effect and a header, then the truck will run itself when the brake pedal removed.

Gas Pedal

The cause cannot be directly predicted, because there is a possibility that causes the truck to be “roared” as described earlier.

There are many possibilities if the case is like this. In an injection truck with a computerized setup system, it can be scanned using a scanner to find out the cause.

Some of the Causes that Make Gas Pedal Problems Occur, Among Others, as Follows:

  1. The first one, most likely comes because there is a problem with the servo component or idle speed control (ISC). So, should you experience an event like this, check the component. There may be an air leak or one of the servo valves does not close due to the oil vapor inhalation from the combustion chamber.
  2. Second, other possibilities could be caused by the amount of dirt on the various components that should be treated routinely. For example, such as air filters and air flow sensor units. Well, it is advisable, to always service your truck regularly in professional workshops. And do not forget to always replace or clean the air filter components and air flow sensor unit earlier. There is one of commercial truck repair Tacoma that always do the best for their service.
  3. The third, if you have problems as discussed earlier, do not forget to clean the vacuum hose. Because this heavy duty component of each truck will be used. If it is not cleaned and then clogged, it might cause other components to be disturbed.
  4. Fourth, you are also important to check other components such as Body throttle parts, fuel injectors, and then EGR Valve. All the components mentioned earlier, are required for your truck and cleaned regularly if you do not want to arise problems as above.
  5. Well, the last always keep the sensors that are on your truck is always maintained by checking regularly as well. If possible check with the scanner, because the use of scanners to check or detect problems as above will be very helpful to know whether there is a problem.

Those are some of the reasons why a truck problem suddenly brakes without a foot on the accelerator.

Renault Lodgy or Renault Duster, which car is a better buying option? Read on this comparison review to find the answer.

Renault India has been successful in gaining a good presence on the Indian roads. Thanks to its highly popular and unbeaten compact-SUV Renault Duster, and the wonderful small hatchback Renault Kwid, things are working fine for Renault in India. However, there are three more offerings from Renault in India; Lodgy (MPV), Scala (Sedan) and Pulse (hatchback), which are trying their best to make a difference in their segment.

Interestingly, both Renault Duster (compact-SUV) and Renault Lodgy (MPV) fall in somewhat same price segment. Being different in terms of make, segment type and usage, both have different capabilities and features.

Here, we bring you a comparison review of Renault Lodgy and Renault Duster to understand which of them is better and worth a buy.


Renault Lodgy vs. Renault Duster

Exterior Design & Dynamics

The Renault Duster, being a compact SUV has an advantage here. It boasts a muscular and sporty look which wins your heart on the first look. Comparing with the other compact SUVs in the segment, we can easily come to a conclusion that it is one of the best looking compact SUVs available in India today. On its exterior, the headlights, chrome grille, bumper design, the tail lamps and the boot lid, makes the Duster a dynamic and muscular offering.

The Renault Lodgy on the other hand looks like a regular and conventional multi-purpose vehicle, which isn’t dynamic and muscular as the Renault Duster. Talking about the exterior design, the headlamps, front grille, front & rear bumpers, tail-lamps are neatly placed and we don’t have any complaints regarding them. It looks like a big seven-seater family car, which would easily attract buyers towards it.


The Renault Lodgy has a very pleasant ambience and it certainly one of the best cabins of a MPV to be in. The designers at Renault have used light colors on the inside which looks decent. The large glasses give a very wide outer view, making it look airy and spacious on the inside. This seven-seater multi-purpose vehicle offers great comfort with enough of head room, knee room and thigh support, good for those long trips with your family. Overall, the quality of materials used on the inside is good.

The Renault Duster has a better looking and boldly designed interior with the all-new designed dashboard with the instrument cluster sitting perfectly. When compared to the Renault Lodgy, the interiors of Renault Duster look premium and up-market. The quality of materials used inside, seat fabric, door padding, knobs, switches and door handles, all are perfectly finished without compromising with quality. The dual-tone dashboard looks awesome and gives a sense of luxury. When it comes to space and comfort, we feel both Renault Lodgy and Duster score equal marks.

Infotainment System

Both Renault Lodgy and Renault Duster sport a touch-screen infotainment system that can be used to play your entertainment content through CD, AUX-IN, USB and Bluetooth connectivity. Thanks to the coupled speaker system, one can easily enjoy his/her favorite track on the go.

Safety & Security

When it comes to safety & security, Renault has taken no risk on both these cars. And hence, both Renault Lodgy and Renault Duster are added with various common safety and security features. These include Dual SRS Airbags, Passenger Airbags, driver seatbelt warning, ABS with EBD, brake assist, immobiliser, keyless entry, door ajar warning and more.


Both Renault Lodgy and Renault Duster are available only in diesel engine option, and there is no petrol variant available. However, both of them are offered in two diesel engine options too.

Renault Lodgy


  • 5-litre 83.8bhp, 200NM, 16V dCI Engine
  • 5-litre 108.5bhp, 245NM, 16V dCI Engine

Renault Duster


  • 5-litre 83.8bhp, 200NM 16V dCi THP Diesel Engine
  • 5-litre 108.45bhp, 245NM 16V dCi THP Diesel Engine

Price in India

The Renault Lodgy has an advantage in this segment.

Renault Lodgy – Rs.7.7 lacs – Rs. 11.25 lacs (Ex-Showroom, New Delhi)

Renault Duster – Rs.8.29 lacs – Rs. 13.46 lacs (Ex-Showroom, New Delhi)

Which Renault car according to you is a better buy? Do share your thoughts, comments and suggestions in the section below.

The process of delivery of goods is a business activity that many done every day. Anyone would ever make a delivery of goods. Delivery of the intended item is usually to a place or location far to reach. Delivery of goods can be done with a variety of paths. Various types of lines in question is the delivery via sea, via land delivery, as well as shipping via air. All paths you can choose according to the needs and desires of delivery of goods that you do. If you use a shipping service for the goods you will send, you will get many benefits to be gained. Then what about the delivery of vehicles or cars?

Here are some benefits of using a car delivery service or car transportation that you can know:

1. Can send in required amount

One of the advantages of using a shipping service is to be able to deliver a certain amount of vehicles as needed. Vehicles or cars that are sent are often only one, but sometimes car shipping in large quantities can also occur in car dealer companies, sometimes in small quantities. The price also adjusts to many or at least the delivery. So it will be more efficient and does not require much cost in comparison if you send yourself with energy and time wasted during the trip.

2. Bus fast to the destination

The next advantage that you can get if you are shipping via delivery service is the vehicle and quickly get to the destination. You can send packages or goods or vehicles wherever you want. The nearby location will affect the price or postage. You can choose an express delivery service for car shipping faster than normal shipping. Within a few days, the car will go straight to where the destination. So that the sender or the recipient of the car will be satisfied with the service delivery of goods used.

3. Time is more efficient

The next advantage to be gained if using a professional expedition or shipping service is more time efficient. Of course for the sender, time is precious. Because time can be used to perform other activities. If the delivery is done on its own, automatic time will be more consumed due to delivery of remote location. But if you choose an expedition service, you live between items you will send to the place of the delivery service. Furthermore you can make transactions such as delivery of records, scales, prices or shipping costs, address, and provide information when the car will arrive. That way, you’ll save time to keep delivering and other activities.

4. Easy to do

The last advantage of using an expedition is that it is easy to do by anyone. Car delivery or auto transportation can be done by anyone who needs. Usually the sender is an entrepreneur or a person who has a business of buying and selling or sometimes people who just moved to another city.

Here are tips on choosing a wedding car rental quality-Marriage is one of the most special moment in human life. No wonder many people who planned the best things for this special day, one of them is the wedding car they will use. Many types of cars that can be found in luxury car rental Los Angeles, such as Mercedes Benz SL400, Mercedes Benz S550 Black Rent, Mercedes Benz GT-S AMG, Rolls Royce Phantom White, Range Rover Evoque Convertible, and other luxury cars.

Here are the 5 tips for wedding car hire:

  1. Funds

    Determine how much money you are prepared to hire a wedding car. Do not forget to discuss this with your partner so you can both agree to the funds to be set up for a wedding car. Make sure you have the funds in accordance with specified price car rental car that you trust. Compare also the price of a car rental place marriage to each other so you can get the best deals at the best price as well.

  2. Type Car

    Chose the kind of car that can make you and your spouse comfortable during the trip. Do not forget to select the color of the car and car decoration that matches the theme of your wedding. When you use the services of Event / Wedding Organizer, you can discuss it also with them so that the appearance of the wedding car you could fit the theme of your wedding, maybe you can check it in exotic car rental Los Angeles.

  3. Check Credibility The Wedding Car Hire

    Look for the car rental place brides who are already experienced in providing wedding car service. Finding information on the Internet can also be done to look for references wedding car rental place so you will not run into things that do not impose. You can seek the services of car rental Indonesia on this site.

  4. Check the condition of the Car

    Just as renting a car for other needs, when renting a car for your wedding should also check the condition of the car that you will rent. You can do it straight in the wedding car rental service provider. Check whether the condition of the car is roadworthy or not, then you have to check the cleanliness of both outside and inside the car too. There was some great car in luxury car rental LAX, maybe you only have to click to see.

  5. Agreement

    You have to make sure what facilities you’ll get when you hire a car. Things like whether or not the spare car if the car you rent a sudden strike.


Valuable cars need to be handled very carefully. The slightest little scratch on the paint could case a car to plummet in value. Do you have a classic car that you need to transport to a location that is far away? Are you unsure how you will get it there? If this is the case, you have absolutely nothing to fear. This is because there are companies that specialize in this exact type of service. They will carefully transport your car in an 18-wheel truck. These trucks are usually climate controlled to make sure your car will not be damaged by extreme humidity during its journey. So how do you decide which of these companies to go with? Here are a few tips that should help you make your decision.

1. Does the company have a great reputation within the car transportation industry?

The first thing that you need to do is speak to other people who have had their cars transported recently. Find out which companies they hired and if they were happy with the job they did. You should also find out if the car arrived on time and how much they were charged. Was there any damage to the car when it finally arrived at its destination? Use all of the info you gather to find out which car transporters can be trusted.

2. Is the company known for having their shipments arrive on time?

You might need to have your car arrive at its destination by a specific deadline. It is imperative that this deadline is not missed. It would be a disaster if the car transportation company was late. Therefore, you need to be certain that the company you hire is not going to take their time and lollygag while they are transporting your car. The company you choose for this important task must have a sense of urgency and take pride in their ability to be on time. This quality is what defines truly great companies.

3. How much will you end up paying?

It is always best to get in touch will all of the companies that offer car transportation services. This will allow you to discover which companies are willing to cut you a deal. Factors such as the type of transport truck you will require and the speed of the delivery will play a role in the quote you are given.…