The Venezuelan accent of Elizabeth Perez

She left the country to challenge himself on Hispanic television in the United States. She won an Emmy, considered the Oscar of the small screen. Today it puts face to the sport news of CNN.

There is a television trend – not always easy to know whether the product of a fashion or the vocation – that has turned women into sports news anchors. Although not an unpublished fact, it does confirm the increase of the feminine accent. Elizabeth Pérez places her, the Venezuelan, the graduate student in Systems Engineering at the Bicentennial University of Maracay, the 2008 winner of an Emmy Award for Best Small Talent on the small Hispanic screen in the United States.

The CNN hostess has been in the Atlanta network for a year. Before, he had been part of Telemundo, where she carried out a section of extreme sports, after honoring commitments in the review of the topic of fashion. “Today men accept more than we tell a football match or talk about statistics and signings,” tries to echo those who have turned a trade that was believed to be for knights.

“I have the same values ​​as my male colleagues,” says this daughter of Cuban parents. “I have the level of commitment, knowledge and professional height, and as a woman, I bring freshness, I think we are still breaking plans.”

Do athletes react with equal confidence?
“In my case, yes. When you go and do the work in a professional way, the interviewee realizes.”

In the style of Sara Carbonero?
“Iker Casillas’ girlfriend, I do not have a soccer player or athlete boyfriend, I’m not familiar with his job as a presenter, but I do know his partner.”

Do you also have the new heroes in the athletes?
“I think athletes themselves are an inspiration. They give you the hope of dreaming of impossible things that can be achieved.”

Do you speak for your experience?
“Yes, of course, I am from Maracay, not even from Caracas, and my parents are from Cuba and here I am presenting sports on CNN, a world news leader.

Which of them would you call a gentleman?
“When they are in a controlled environment, they are all gentlemen, they behave well. When they are in a practice group, testosterone exerts its influence.”

And of the girls to whom you would award the lady?
“Beyond his interview, I loved the personality of Milka Duno. She took me in his beautiful car, a hundred miles per hour, a lady of motorsport and pride for Venezuela.”

Were you afraid of such speed?
“I think she knows, does not she?” (She laughs) I give everyone what they deserve.

When you see artists with athletes, you think that love is born everywhere …
“There will be couples who marry by advertising like Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries (NBA player), but others do not.

You are?
“Yes. I believe in love and if one relationship does not work, another will come.”

It seems that you also believed in world peace …
“(Laughs) That is more difficult, it requires the will of many governments, religions and cultural levels. I think the most important thing is respect.”

What would not be a sport discipline for you?
“It is controversial, there are those who would talk about boxing because of its violent nature, there are also those who do not consider mixed martial arts, extreme sports, chess, I respect all disciplines.”

How do you reason that, for the most part, baseball teams carry names of animals?
“Because animals are competing naturally, without steroids, as Darwin said, natural selection is natural selection, so a Detroit Tiger can eat a Florida Marlin.”

Would you endorse the use of steroids?
“No, because human beings are no longer competing, but pharmaceutical companies. It would be like watching a video game.”

What do you analyze about the overblown temperament of some athletes on the court?
“It has to do with the fact that the body and the mind are at the limit.” No one likes to be disadvantaged in relation to another team.For athletes, the game stops being a game and happens to be life. Yes it is their responsibility “.

Do the Olympic games have to be taken into play?
“I think they represent the flag of each country and that they should be taken seriously because it is the patriotic part that is exposed.”

What is the most unsporting sport you remember?
“I read about a woman who, participating in the Boston Marathon, got on the train and came almost to the end of the line. How does anyone think to do that?”

Do you have another No. 1 beyond Pelé, Maradona and Messi?
“Actually, with the resurgence of the Vinotinto, I do not have one but 11, which is the