Why some believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is becoming the best version of Hugo Sánchez

The best Cristiano Ronaldo of the season is not the CR7 that everyone knows, but it is a new version of the CR9 that arrived at Real Madrid.

Or rather, a clone of HS9, the Mexican striker Hugo Sánchez, who dedicated himself to breaking the networks of Spanish football during the second luster of the 80’s and early 90’s.

Of Hugo does not remember a dribble, nor a driving of 30 meters, nor a tornado from afar ”
Roberto Palomar, Brand

“Until the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Hugo Sánchez was – and still is – one of the greatest strikers of Real Madrid,” began his article the journalist Roberto Palomar, of the popular Spanish sports newspaper Marca, referring to the transformation that is going through The style of game of the Portuguese star.

Image caption Hugo Sanchez celebrating one of his goals in the season 89-90.

For Palomar, Ronaldo is living a “hugo sanchización” that could extend his career “up to 40 years.”

“Hugo does not remember a dribble, a 30-meter driving, or a start from a distance, his range of action was as small as lethal,” said the journalist, highlighting the season 1989-1990, in which the striker Mexican finished as top scorer in the league with 38 goals, “all to a touch.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, the first player to make 100 goals in the history of the Champions League

A for another brand

Since coming to Madrid, Cristiano has been pulverizing each of the records of Sánchez, be positive, as the most goals in a season, or negative, as the player who has missed most penalties dressed in white.

But there was one that seemed impossible to be within reach, although his evolution as a player this year would not be unreasonable to think that even that mark of 38 goals scored at the first touch would not resist the Portuguese if he intended to reach it.

Image caption Shooting the angle. The goals of Ronaldo are being decisive in the search of the much desired double for Real Madrid.

An example is what has been happening since last April 12, the day in which Ronaldo began his particular showdown with Bayern Munich.

In the tie before the German group Ronaldo scored five goals, four of which were first.

Then he added one with the same formula against Valencia for the league and added two more in the triplet that sank Atletico Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu in the Champions League semifinals.

Image caption Ronaldo already knows what it is to be the number 9 of Real Madrid when he arrived at the merengue in 2009.

The story was repeated against Sevilla last Sunday, when it returned to score two goals to a touch.

There are only two of the last 11 that you have converted that were not top notch. He made them with his second contact with the ball.

“To that kind of football must be CR7,” added Palomar. “He must deprive his game of all artifice and dedicate himself to finishing without batting like Hugo Sánchez.

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When Sanchez achieved his mark, he was 32, the same age as Ronaldo now.

It remains to see if the Portuguese will want to complete the mimicry that is suffering their football.