Eyes also need sports

For those of you who often spend time in front of computer screens, smartphones, gadgets or tablets, always maintain eye health is very important. For some people, staring at the screen for a long time can be painful and cause fatigue. If you are one of them, then maintaining eye health should be a top priority.

Although the current eye condition is still quite good, but it is very important to keep doing prevention. Because, maintaining health would not necessarily have to wait when sick. One of the preventive efforts to maintain eye health is by exercising the eyes. Eye exercise is important for maintaining both mechanical and optical functions. Diligent eye exercise is also beneficial to improve the ability to focus.

Mechanical function is the ability of the eye to remain stable, by coordinating and strengthening the eye muscles. While the optical function is the ability of the eye to coordinate both eyes in improving the resulting image. Optical ability causes the eye can send 3-dimensional images to the brain, and finally able to make the eyes able to see the object well.

Eye exercises may not reduce dependence on eyeglasses. However, exercise can improve and improve eye strength after a full day of use. Regular eye exercises will help the eyes not feel tired and tired when the work time is over. In addition, eye exercise also causes the eyes always in fresh condition when starting the day.

Here’s an eye exercise that can be done every day:

 Rotate eyes

Rotate the opposite eye and clockwise, then repeat every 30 minutes. This is very important to do, especially when sitting in front of a computer screen or study for a long time.

Close your eyes with your palms.

Close your eyes, then cover it again with your palms. Closing the eye does not need to be too tight to cause pressure. This stage will relax the tired eyes.

Focus on other objects.

When the eyes feel tired, you should look at another object farther for half a minute. At that time try to fix the focus, then blink fast for several times. After that, change the view of another object closer for 15 seconds, and blink again quickly for several times. Repeat this step 10 times for a more relaxed eye.

Why Football is Very Popular

Football is a sport as well as a very popular game in the world. Football is a Sport played by 11 people per team with just a ball up for grabs with another team in order to insert the ball (scoring) as much as possible into the opposing goal is very much a fan around the world. Football fans come from various circles whether it is old, young, small children, adults, men, women, rich and poor all like football.

Why Soccer is Very Popular? Come to think of why people love football, why do they like sports that match 22 people in one field to snatch a ball? Are they crazy? Why bother grabbing the ball? What’s the benefits? Why is soccer sport so popular and famous in the world?

The reason why football is so popular

1. Football can be played by anyone

Football is a universal game that anyone can play in all societies, whether it’s old, young, small children, adults, men, women, rich and poor all playing football from home. Yep only have a ball does not need a large field if we have a ball all can be a field whether it’s a narrow alley, home page, tall buildings and highways can be our home ground have a ball. The ball does not have to be made of expensive rubber ball which is meant here is all we can kick and play whether it’s plastic ball, rubber, children’s ball even cans we squeeze then we kick can be called a ball, if you have a ball either That’s what ball then you’ve played soccer.

2. Football can be played anytime and anywhere

Football can be played anytime whether it is early morning, morning, daylight, even at night and in any weather whether it is rain, hot, windy origin have our guts can play ball. Playground can be anywhere either field, stadium, home page, school yard, campus, narrow alley or even more extreme we can play on the highway or high buildings.

3. Football is very easy to play

Football is very easy to play because we only need to play the ball with the whole body, especially the foot and except the hand, whether it plays by way of herd, pass, head, kick the ball that is important goal is to score as much as possible to the opponent’s goal.

4. The rules of football are very easy to understand

The rules in the game of football are very easy to understand and not confusing even if it is for the layman though, the important thing is we scored the opponent’s goal as much as possible with our body except the hands then we’ve played the ball. Compared to other sports such as volleyball, basketball and tennis, football is the most reasonable according to the way of calculation.

5. Football is not just a muscle game

Most people think in soccer the power of muscle is the most decisive but actually football is a game that desperately needs a great strategy to win, For that football clubs dare to pay expensive coach who is good at blending strategy

6. Football is a pride

If the soccer team we support in a ball tournament is either a club or a country of course this will be a pride for us and the winning team.

7. The game of football is not boring and monotonous

Techniques, movements, games, kicks and strategies in the game of soccer can be developed and varied so that the game of football does not look monotonous and boring which of course makes football more interesting.

Barcelona punish Espanyol errors in the derby

The Barca take the derby against Espanyol (0-3) in a meeting marked by the failures of the pelicans, especially in the boots of José Manuel Jurado, and that Luis Suárez did not hesitate to take advantage twice. Rakitic made the other culé to pass from Messi. Barcelona recover the lead with this victory and pressure passes again to Real Madrid in the fight for the League

The Spanish midfielder was key in the 0-3 defeat of his team against Barcelona. The San Luis pulled out a clear opportunity five minutes from the start, which could change the future of the game, and gave the first to Luis Suarez in a back pass in 50 ‘. No good served the good defensive framework that Quique Sanchez Flores devised to annul the Catalans. Messi assisted Rakitic in the second and Suárez took advantage of a mistake in a clearance from the blue-and-white rear to make the definitive 0-3. It is a decade since the last Espanyol home victory in the League derbies.

It was difficult for Barcelona to generate chances of danger in the goal of the former madridista Diego López. The tactical web of the parakeet coach had an effect, and even Messi could not get rid of so many Spaniard players around him. The Luis Enrique did not find the hole to get in, and so it was at the end of the first 45 minutes.

After the resumption, Barcelona barely took five minutes to open the score in the most unexpected. Jose Manuel Jurado, probably the most reliable player in the pass of the team blanquiazul, sent a ball back that remained in no man’s land, and the smartest of the class as Luis Suarez was able to take advantage to go alone against the goalkeeper and do The 0-1. The Uruguayan changed the game and made the defensive approach of Sanchez Flores useless. Espanyol now had to open in search of the goal.

With the score in favor, the Barca were more relaxed. By contrast, the Spaniards began to leave more spaces and Barcelona was becoming more comfortable. That was when the Argentine crack appeared, Leo Messi, in the 76th minute to do one of his and assist Rakitic so that, with a subtle strike with the left, put the ball to the far stick of the parakeet and finish inside network.

The 0-2 seemed too punishing for the good work the blue-white players for more than an hour. Nevertheless, the perico group would end up receiving a greater corrective with the third both culé and second in the particular account of Luis Suárez. The Uruguayan took advantage of a mistake in the clearance of the Spaniard behind to stand hand in hand against Diego Lopez and beat him again.

With this important victory, those of Luis Enrique recover the leadership and put back pressure to Real Madrid in the fight for the title of Liga, lack of three days (one more for the white set).

The Venezuelan accent of Elizabeth Perez

She left the country to challenge himself on Hispanic television in the United States. She won an Emmy, considered the Oscar of the small screen. Today it puts face to the sport news of CNN.

There is a television trend – not always easy to know whether the product of a fashion or the vocation – that has turned women into sports news anchors. Although not an unpublished fact, it does confirm the increase of the feminine accent. Elizabeth Pérez places her, the Venezuelan, the graduate student in Systems Engineering at the Bicentennial University of Maracay, the 2008 winner of an Emmy Award for Best Small Talent on the small Hispanic screen in the United States.

The CNN hostess has been in the Atlanta network for a year. Before, he had been part of Telemundo, where she carried out a section of extreme sports, after honoring commitments in the review of the topic of fashion. “Today men accept more than we tell a football match or talk about statistics and signings,” tries to echo those who have turned a trade that was believed to be for knights.

“I have the same values ​​as my male colleagues,” says this daughter of Cuban parents. “I have the level of commitment, knowledge and professional height, and as a woman, I bring freshness, I think we are still breaking plans.”

Do athletes react with equal confidence?
“In my case, yes. When you go and do the work in a professional way, the interviewee realizes.”

In the style of Sara Carbonero?
“Iker Casillas’ girlfriend, I do not have a soccer player or athlete boyfriend, I’m not familiar with his job as a presenter, but I do know his partner.”

Do you also have the new heroes in the athletes?
“I think athletes themselves are an inspiration. They give you the hope of dreaming of impossible things that can be achieved.”

Do you speak for your experience?
“Yes, of course, I am from Maracay, not even from Caracas, and my parents are from Cuba and here I am presenting sports on CNN, a world news leader.

Which of them would you call a gentleman?
“When they are in a controlled environment, they are all gentlemen, they behave well. When they are in a practice group, testosterone exerts its influence.”

And of the girls to whom you would award the lady?
“Beyond his interview, I loved the personality of Milka Duno. She took me in his beautiful car, a hundred miles per hour, a lady of motorsport and pride for Venezuela.”

Were you afraid of such speed?
“I think she knows, does not she?” (She laughs) I give everyone what they deserve.

When you see artists with athletes, you think that love is born everywhere …
“There will be couples who marry by advertising like Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries (NBA player), but others do not.

You are?
“Yes. I believe in love and if one relationship does not work, another will come.”

It seems that you also believed in world peace …
“(Laughs) That is more difficult, it requires the will of many governments, religions and cultural levels. I think the most important thing is respect.”

What would not be a sport discipline for you?
“It is controversial, there are those who would talk about boxing because of its violent nature, there are also those who do not consider mixed martial arts, extreme sports, chess, I respect all disciplines.”

How do you reason that, for the most part, baseball teams carry names of animals?
“Because animals are competing naturally, without steroids, as Darwin said, natural selection is natural selection, so a Detroit Tiger can eat a Florida Marlin.”

Would you endorse the use of steroids?
“No, because human beings are no longer competing, but pharmaceutical companies. It would be like watching a video game.”

What do you analyze about the overblown temperament of some athletes on the court?
“It has to do with the fact that the body and the mind are at the limit.” No one likes to be disadvantaged in relation to another team.For athletes, the game stops being a game and happens to be life. Yes it is their responsibility “.

Do the Olympic games have to be taken into play?
“I think they represent the flag of each country and that they should be taken seriously because it is the patriotic part that is exposed.”

What is the most unsporting sport you remember?
“I read about a woman who, participating in the Boston Marathon, got on the train and came almost to the end of the line. How does anyone think to do that?”

Do you have another No. 1 beyond Pelé, Maradona and Messi?
“Actually, with the resurgence of the Vinotinto, I do not have one but 11, which is the

Why some believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is becoming the best version of Hugo Sánchez

The best Cristiano Ronaldo of the season is not the CR7 that everyone knows, but it is a new version of the CR9 that arrived at Real Madrid.

Or rather, a clone of HS9, the Mexican striker Hugo Sánchez, who dedicated himself to breaking the networks of Spanish football during the second luster of the 80’s and early 90’s.

Of Hugo does not remember a dribble, nor a driving of 30 meters, nor a tornado from afar ”
Roberto Palomar, Brand

“Until the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Hugo Sánchez was – and still is – one of the greatest strikers of Real Madrid,” began his article the journalist Roberto Palomar, of the popular Spanish sports newspaper Marca, referring to the transformation that is going through The style of game of the Portuguese star.

Image caption Hugo Sanchez celebrating one of his goals in the season 89-90.

For Palomar, Ronaldo is living a “hugo sanchización” that could extend his career “up to 40 years.”

“Hugo does not remember a dribble, a 30-meter driving, or a start from a distance, his range of action was as small as lethal,” said the journalist, highlighting the season 1989-1990, in which the striker Mexican finished as top scorer in the league with 38 goals, “all to a touch.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, the first player to make 100 goals in the history of the Champions League

A for another brand

Since coming to Madrid, Cristiano has been pulverizing each of the records of Sánchez, be positive, as the most goals in a season, or negative, as the player who has missed most penalties dressed in white.

But there was one that seemed impossible to be within reach, although his evolution as a player this year would not be unreasonable to think that even that mark of 38 goals scored at the first touch would not resist the Portuguese if he intended to reach it.

Image caption Shooting the angle. The goals of Ronaldo are being decisive in the search of the much desired double for Real Madrid.

An example is what has been happening since last April 12, the day in which Ronaldo began his particular showdown with Bayern Munich.

In the tie before the German group Ronaldo scored five goals, four of which were first.

Then he added one with the same formula against Valencia for the league and added two more in the triplet that sank Atletico Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu in the Champions League semifinals.

Image caption Ronaldo already knows what it is to be the number 9 of Real Madrid when he arrived at the merengue in 2009.

The story was repeated against Sevilla last Sunday, when it returned to score two goals to a touch.

There are only two of the last 11 that you have converted that were not top notch. He made them with his second contact with the ball.

“To that kind of football must be CR7,” added Palomar. “He must deprive his game of all artifice and dedicate himself to finishing without batting like Hugo Sánchez.

The records of Cristiano Ronaldo and the most strange and spectacular goals scored

When Sanchez achieved his mark, he was 32, the same age as Ronaldo now.

It remains to see if the Portuguese will want to complete the mimicry that is suffering their football.