Remember These 3 Things Before Sports

Exercise is one of the important activities to be done to get a healthy body and prime. In addition to healthy, exercise can also burn calories in the body and help smooth the flow of blood.

Various types of sports you can choose according to your hobby or likes, such as Gym, Fitness, Aerobics, jogging or running to football. Of the many types of sports, there are at least 3 important things to keep in mind well in order to get optimal results from exercise activities.


For those of you who like running or jogging, the afternoons become the right time to do this sport. At this time, the human body is at its highest point, the muscles become more flexible resulting in enough energy to exercise.

After undergoing office activities, the evening at 7-8 can also be a good time to exercise like fitness, aerobics. Night sports make bedtime faster and better because of blood pressure and reduced muscle tension. Avoid exercise when you feel tired, lack of energy and sore muscles. Including when your sleep time is less.


Use clothes that are easy to absorb sweat. Generally fabrics containing polypropylene or Coolmax and Supplex fabrics are good choices so sweat evaporates quickly and the body stays cool. Avoid cloth that is pore-dense or not even porous and do not wear clothes made of rubber or plastic material.

For sports such as yoga or floor gymnastics, fabrics that contain wacking fibers are a good choice. If exercising outdoors or doing seasonal sports, the clothes worn must also be adjusted to the conditions of the season.


Sports performed regularly require special shoes. Not only protect the soles of the feet, but also keep the balance of the body while doing sports movement. There are several categories of sports shoes, ie walking shoes, running shoes, soccer shoes, aerobic shoes, and basketball shoes.

Sports shoes to run course must be very flexible so it can support the activity to bend each time the user stepped. Running type shoes are certainly not suitable for soccer shoes because soccer shoes should be able to reduce the amount of pressure on the foot. If the shoe used is not suitable, the soccer player is at risk of calluses on the skin surface or growth disorders of the toenail.

So also with sports shoes for basketball and tennis. These shoes tend to be more rigid and heavy because it suits the needs of its users to more flexibly move sideways.

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Researchers: Cursing Can Make You Stronger and Energetic

Maybe this is good news for anyone who likes to swear. New research finds, cursing when practicing or exercising, can increase muscle strength and stamina.

Are you biking uphill and need extra strength? Or you need an explosion of energy to lift the load at the end of your workout? Try doing it while swearing.

Psychologists from Keele University conducted a test in which some participants were asked to swear before an intense session on a cycling exercise or squeezing a tool that measures the strength of the handrails. In both situations, they found that cursing resulted in significant performance improvements compared to those who did not.

This study is a follow-up of previous research that found that cursing helps improve tolerance for pain. No wonder, we often get dirty words when we get hurt.

Dr. Richard Stephens, who led the study, said the possible reason for swearing could stimulate the sympathetic nervous system of the body. The system makes the heart beat faster like when in danger.

“That’s what we found in this experiment, it’s enough to explain why swearing has an effect on the strength and tolerance of pain,” he said as quoted by the Independent.

Nevertheless, Stephens admits there is still a need for further research to examine the full cursing power.

The first trial involved 29 volunteers with an average age of 21 years. Volunteers were then asked to pedal a bicycle as hard as they could on an exercise bike while repeatedly swearing or shouting positive sentences.

The researchers found that cursing increases peak power by an average of 24 watts.

In the second experiment, 52 participants at the same age underwent a hand grip test and once again, were asked to swear or shout a positive sentence. The average grip strength increases by 2.1 kilograms by swearing.

However, participants were asked not to shout when swearing. Instead, they were asked to swear in a steady and clear voice to avoid being overly emotional.

From the research, scientists concluded that swearing seems to be one form of emotional language.…

Sports Hobby Running? It Turns It’s The Secret of Becoming the Fastest Runner

Running is often regarded as the easiest sport. In fact, to run you also need a variety of sports devices, for more effective results.

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In addition to Ignite, Puma Speed ​​600 Ignite 2 also has two other latest technological breakthroughs, such as Everfit ++ that are able to lock the feet over a soft layer, making the runs safer. Technology on the front of the foot is able to encourage runners to spur faster, since the first heel beat.

The Puma Speed ​​600 Ignite 2 collection presents a flexible frame and a layered heel to reduce the risk of sprinters, while providing a regular transition from the heel to the middle of the foot when standing. The main technology that makes Puma Speed ​​600 Ignite 2 a comfortable shoe used when running is Ever Track, inflatable rubber that makes this shoe 43% lighter weight 295 grams, and provide longer durability when used to run.

For women, the overall weight of this shoe is 240 grams allowing the runner to increase his speed while running. The design of the foot line was made specifically follow the shape of the foot of the woman, where the front of the wider, and smaller in the heel.

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Sports for Children

Currently in the world, the prevalence of obesity in children is increasing rapidly. Although obesity risk factors are multifactorial, the majority of these factors are linked to lifestyle and can be intervened. Included are the amount of inactivity time, and the frequency, intensity, number and type of physical activity performed.

In 2012, the Canadian Pediatric Society issued a recommendation for guidance on physical activity for children. This guide mentions that children today tend to be inactive because of the widespread use of television, computers, and video games in the community. These activities resulted in the children sitting more and silent. Children who watch television more than 2 hours a day have a twofold risk of being overweight or obese than those who watch television 1 hour a day. Children who have televisions in their rooms are even at higher risk.

A recommended exercise guide for children recommended by the Canadian Paediatric Society is as follows:

For good growth, infants younger than 1 year should be given active time several times a day, especially through simple, interactive games performed on the floor. Toddlers or children aged less than 5 years are advised to do at least 180 minutes of physical activity with mild to high intensity per day. Physical activity can be a number of activities in the environment outside the home or play or recreation activities.

Children over 5 years and adolescents (up to age 17 years) are recommended to perform moderate to high physical activity of at least 60 minutes per day. Sports such as running, swimming, playing soccer, tennis, gymnastics, martial arts, and roller skating are allowed by children once they are 5 years old.

After children turn 10, exercise aimed at improving muscle strength may begin. However, this form of weight training should be supervised and ensured to be done with high repetition (15-20 reps) as well as using light weights and correct techniques.

Not all sports are suitable for children. Choose the right sport for children according to their age and body size. Here’s a recommended sport for children.

1. Baseball & Softball

For over a century, boys and girls dreamed of becoming baseball players. Why not take your child with this sport early on? Children aged 5 years can learn to play T-ball. After that, it switches to softball and then plays a baseball sport.

The local baseball team is part of the Little League Baseball organization. Nearly 3 million children in the United States currently between the ages of 5 and 18 participate in the Little League. The length of the Little League season depends on the state you live in. Usually the Little League lasts for three in the spring or summer.

Some of the benefits your child will gain from playing baseball or softball:

Physical Strength
Hand-eye coordination

2. Football

Football is very popular in Europe. But now football is one of the most commonly played sports in America. The US Soccer Youth was founded in 1974 and saved 100,000 registered players. Currently, there are more than 3 million players

Most football teams are part of the US Soccer Youth Organization. Children 4 years of age may participate. Initially they played with a small ball and in a smaller field. The fast football game was able to attract the attention of the children.

Some of the benefits your child will gain from playing soccer:

Cardiovascular Endurance
Muscle strength
Weight Control

3. Cycling

Every child must remember when learning to ride a bike. At first, the child will give a four-wheeled bicycle while their parents hold the back of the bike seat. But quickly the child will be adept and enjoy his freedom of playing the bike.

Besides giving a lot of fun, cycling is also a form of sport. Children can start riding plastic bikes, and trikes when they are 2 years old. Parents then introduce a two-wheeled bicycle at the age of 5 years. For safety reasons, it is recommended that children not ride bikes using teeth, mountain bikes, or bicycles with handbrake until the age of 9 years. Children under the age of 8 are also not allowed to ride bicycles on the street alone.

Some of the benefits your child will gain from cycling:

    Strength legs
Heart muscle fitness
Weight Control
Family ties
Environmental Awareness

4. Inline Skating

Inline skating is one of the most popular activities among children in the United States today. But before you get to the fact that your little one is falling into a harsh concrete, you should know that there are safe steps you can take to take care of your child when he or she skates.

Children with good motor skills can start inline skating

Eyes also need sports

For those of you who often spend time in front of computer screens, smartphones, gadgets or tablets, always maintain eye health is very important. For some people, staring at the screen for a long time can be painful and cause fatigue. If you are one of them, then maintaining eye health should be a top priority.

Although the current eye condition is still quite good, but it is very important to keep doing prevention. Because, maintaining health would not necessarily have to wait when sick. One of the preventive efforts to maintain eye health is by exercising the eyes. Eye exercise is important for maintaining both mechanical and optical functions. Diligent eye exercise is also beneficial to improve the ability to focus.

Mechanical function is the ability of the eye to remain stable, by coordinating and strengthening the eye muscles. While the optical function is the ability of the eye to coordinate both eyes in improving the resulting image. Optical ability causes the eye can send 3-dimensional images to the brain, and finally able to make the eyes able to see the object well.

Eye exercises may not reduce dependence on eyeglasses. However, exercise can improve and improve eye strength after a full day of use. Regular eye exercises will help the eyes not feel tired and tired when the work time is over. In addition, eye exercise also causes the eyes always in fresh condition when starting the day.

Here’s an eye exercise that can be done every day:

 Rotate eyes

Rotate the opposite eye and clockwise, then repeat every 30 minutes. This is very important to do, especially when sitting in front of a computer screen or study for a long time.

Close your eyes with your palms.

Close your eyes, then cover it again with your palms. Closing the eye does not need to be too tight to cause pressure. This stage will relax the tired eyes.

Focus on other objects.

When the eyes feel tired, you should look at another object farther for half a minute. At that time try to fix the focus, then blink fast for several times. After that, change the view of another object closer for 15 seconds, and blink again quickly for several times. Repeat this step 10 times for a more relaxed eye.

Yoga and Pilates differences

Yoga and pilates can be said similar, when viewed from the type of movement. What distinguishes only the end goal. Yoga focuses on flexibility exercises, meditation, and stress management, while the Pilates movement focuses more on forging the body’s stamina.

Yoga began 5,000 years ago in India, growing for centuries and influenced by various cultures until now created various types of yoga, ranging from Ashtanga, Kripalu, Bikram, to Vinyasa.

Pilates is a contemporary version of yoga. Pilates was originally developed around the 20th century by an athlete, Joseph Pilates, in Germany. He created a series of physical exercises as a form of rehabilitation and reinforcement, focusing on postural core muscle control.

Both bring understanding that body and mind are two things that are related to each other. However, yoga adds one distinguishing element: the soul. Exploring the soul and spirituality takes a sizable portion of yoga practice as a whole, especially through meditation.

Meanwhile, pilates creates the principle of the relationship between body and mind, and how both can help you in everyday life.
Which one is more suitable for me?

If your priority is to restore the body after injury or strengthen the weak joints, pilates have more advantages than yoga.

Rachel Compton, director of pilates at Elixr Health Club Sydney, said that pilates could increase the body’s core strength and stability to restore the body’s vitality after joint injury. Pilates has been used for years by physiotherapists to help manage and restore injuries by strengthening the joint support muscles, as well as to prevent future likelihood of injury.

If your goal is to ‘run’ from the stressful pile and daily routine to restore focus, choose yoga. Yoga helps you achieve and maintain a balance between body, mind, and spirit. The practice of yoga combines all the movements and postures you need to gain general health and well-being, incorporating relaxation techniques, breathing arrangements, and meditation to achieve peace and spiritual peace.

If you are a runner or a dancer, these two sports can bring you different benefits that are just as great for your body.

Yoga is an ideal sport if stretching and flexibility are your main goals. Stretching of yoga movements can help manage the thirsty muscles after continuous use for running.

Yoga classes range from mild and soothing to sweat profusely. Bikram, or hot yoga, is performed in a room with an air temperature setting of up to 40 degrees centigrade. With the diversity of yoga classes, there is always a type of yoga that fits the needs of each person.

The practice of pilates challenges the core of your body as well as strengthens your back and spine, arms, hips, inner thighs, and stomach. Pilates can improve unbalanced posture and train body movements to be more efficient, thus reducing the risk of injury.

Both of these sports can help you lose weight if done regularly and regularly, although neither of them requires you to engage in physical Aerobics activities furiously, such as boxing, running, or cycling. One 60-minute yoga session, depending on the type of yoga you do, can burn 200-630 calories. Pilates for 60 minutes can burn 270-460 calories per session, depending on the level of difficulty.

How to do sit ups to train the abdominal muscles

How to do sit ups that are good and true can train and build abdominal muscles become beautiful. Some say to shrink the stomach, you have to do sit ups. The statement is wrong, because sit ups can not burn fat. But sit up serves to sculpt the stomach becomes more beautiful.

So for those of you who still have a distended stomach, should burn fat first by running or jogging, cycling and swimming.

There are a few things you should look for before starting a sit up exercise:

  • Ask for help from friends if you find it difficult to keep your heels on the floor.
  • Perform a good breathing right when doing sit ups, exhale through the mouth when lifting the body and inhale through the nose when the body down.
  • For beginners or who are just starting sit ups, should not be excessive and do only a few times for the muscles are not interested.
  • After a strong stomach, you can add variety and number of exercise portion reps. But do not overdo it in doing the exercises.

Avoid sit-up exercises if you are diagnosed with osteoporosis, because bending the spine in a sit-up position can increase the pressure on the bones and risk stress fractures or stress-induced fractures.

 How to Conduct Sit Up is Good and Right:

  1. Initial step, bend the knee with the ball of the foot and the heel is placed flat to the ground.
  2. Place your hands over the opposite shoulders, so that your arms cross over the chest, or behind the head as shown in the picture above. It lets you reach the central rise point.
  3. Tighten your abdominal muscles gently by pulling your navel towards your spine.
  4. Keeping the heel fixed on the floor and toes flat on the floor, gently lift and gently lift the head first, followed by your shoulder blade. Focus your eyes on your bent knees, while contracting your abdominal muscles gently. Pull your body off the floor until you reach a ninety degree angle, or when your elbows are above, or past the knee.
  5.  Stay in this position for a moment. Gently lower your body back to the floor but try not to stick your back to the floor but slightly curved at a distance of several centimeters above the floor.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 to continue the exercise. If you are just starting a sit up exercise, do it only 2-3 times and gradually increase the number over time, as your body strength increases. Hope you can also lose weight!

Common mistakes that often occur when doing sit ups

1. If you choose to place your hands behind your head while doing sit up exercises, you should not push your head forward while lifting your body. This often happens unconsciously when you start to get tired. Make sure the head stays straight while practicing.

2. Do not try to touch the forehead on the knee. Because this can excessive pressure on the bottom. When you can not keep your feet on the floor, you usually spend extra energy doing sit ups. And most of this effort relies on the strength of the thighs and not the stomach anymore that becomes the target of the exercise. So you will not get the maximum exercise effect.

The only way to build muscle is to force the muscles beyond the limits of endurance. But keep in mind, when you do a lot of sit-ups to the point you start to feel a stinging sensation in your stomach, then you’ve been practicing too hard. Better to stop immediately because your body condition will start to deteriorate and you will not be able to do sit-up correctly.…