Remember These 3 Things Before Sports

Exercise is one of the important activities to be done to get a healthy body and prime. In addition to healthy, exercise can also burn calories in the body and help smooth the flow of blood.

Various types of sports you can choose according to your hobby or likes, such as Gym, Fitness, Aerobics, jogging or running to football. Of the many types of sports, there are at least 3 important things to keep in mind well in order to get optimal results from exercise activities.


For those of you who like running or jogging, the afternoons become the right time to do this sport. At this time, the human body is at its highest point, the muscles become more flexible resulting in enough energy to exercise.

After undergoing office activities, the evening at 7-8 can also be a good time to exercise like fitness, aerobics. Night sports make bedtime faster and better because of blood pressure and reduced muscle tension. Avoid exercise when you feel tired, lack of energy and sore muscles. Including when your sleep time is less.


Use clothes that are easy to absorb sweat. Generally fabrics containing polypropylene or Coolmax and Supplex fabrics are good choices so sweat evaporates quickly and the body stays cool. Avoid cloth that is pore-dense or not even porous and do not wear clothes made of rubber or plastic material.

For sports such as yoga or floor gymnastics, fabrics that contain wacking fibers are a good choice. If exercising outdoors or doing seasonal sports, the clothes worn must also be adjusted to the conditions of the season.


Sports performed regularly require special shoes. Not only protect the soles of the feet, but also keep the balance of the body while doing sports movement. There are several categories of sports shoes, ie walking shoes, running shoes, soccer shoes, aerobic shoes, and basketball shoes.

Sports shoes to run course must be very flexible so it can support the activity to bend each time the user stepped. Running type shoes are certainly not suitable for soccer shoes because soccer shoes should be able to reduce the amount of pressure on the foot. If the shoe used is not suitable, the soccer player is at risk of calluses on the skin surface or growth disorders of the toenail.

So also with sports shoes for basketball and tennis. These shoes tend to be more rigid and heavy because it suits the needs of its users to more flexibly move sideways.

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That’s 3 important things to note before exercising. If you have not been able to exercise regularly, try to start today. And if there is any sports equipment you need just visit Tokopedia, a complete online store, safe, and reliable.…