Eyes also need sports

For those of you who often spend time in front of computer screens, smartphones, gadgets or tablets, always maintain eye health is very important. For some people, staring at the screen for a long time can be painful and cause fatigue. If you are one of them, then maintaining eye health should be a top priority.

Although the current eye condition is still quite good, but it is very important to keep doing prevention. Because, maintaining health would not necessarily have to wait when sick. One of the preventive efforts to maintain eye health is by exercising the eyes. Eye exercise is important for maintaining both mechanical and optical functions. Diligent eye exercise is also beneficial to improve the ability to focus.

Mechanical function is the ability of the eye to remain stable, by coordinating and strengthening the eye muscles. While the optical function is the ability of the eye to coordinate both eyes in improving the resulting image. Optical ability causes the eye can send 3-dimensional images to the brain, and finally able to make the eyes able to see the object well.

Eye exercises may not reduce dependence on eyeglasses. However, exercise can improve and improve eye strength after a full day of use. Regular eye exercises will help the eyes not feel tired and tired when the work time is over. In addition, eye exercise also causes the eyes always in fresh condition when starting the day.

Here’s an eye exercise that can be done every day:

 Rotate eyes

Rotate the opposite eye and clockwise, then repeat every 30 minutes. This is very important to do, especially when sitting in front of a computer screen or study for a long time.

Close your eyes with your palms.

Close your eyes, then cover it again with your palms. Closing the eye does not need to be too tight to cause pressure. This stage will relax the tired eyes.

Focus on other objects.

When the eyes feel tired, you should look at another object farther for half a minute. At that time try to fix the focus, then blink fast for several times. After that, change the view of another object closer for 15 seconds, and blink again quickly for several times. Repeat this step 10 times for a more relaxed eye.