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It’s How to Drive an Automatic Car That You Can Learn

How long can you drive? Driving the car is a skill, which requires good visual concentration and motor coordination. Why? Concentration to pay attention to traffic. Concentration to manage clutch and gear settings adjust to the road conditions, when adjusting the speed of the vehicle. Of course this applies if using a vehicle with a manual transmission. Then what about drivers who have difficulty with manual transmission? Thankfully now many are using automatic transmission. You just find out how to drive a car automatic, so no trouble driving it.


An Automatic Transmission

Cars in recent years, many of it using automatic technology. With advanced technology, simple in operation and a higher level of security for its users. Before learning how to drive a car automatic, you should know some facts about the car automatic the following:

1. The car automatic will not live its engine if the position of the lever is not in P.
2. When experiencing congestion on the road and the engine off, the car still stay. Not jumping as if using a manual transmission, when switching the lever to neutral.
3. The car does not retreat when the engine dies, so passengers remain calm.
4. Concentration when driving enough on the monitor under the steering wheel, which indicates the speed of the vehicle running, indicating the position of transmission gear, lights, fuel tank and engine temperature.

Transmission Gear Level

The most basic difference between a manual transmission car and an automatic is the number of pedals. Manual transmission has 3 pedals, while automatic has two pedals. In addition the car automatic has lever-lever as follows:

P (park) = for parking position, or can be used on streets to stop which is expected to be long e.g. 10 minutes. Make sure the transmission gear lever is in position P, when the car is in a state of stopping.

R (return) = used for backward.

N (neutral) = used if the streets are jammed until they stop so the driver is not tired. When N needs to be assisted with hand brake so the vehicle actually stopped. In this position the foot release from the brake pedal and gas.

D (drive) = forward. This drive consists of D1, D2 and D3. You can use D2 and D1 if the vehicle’s speed is low.

How to Drive

Make sure the lever is in position P, step on the brake pedal and turn on the engine. Allow a few moments, to make the car engine hot enough. Then point the lever to D1 if you want to advance, or to R if you want to step back, while stepping on the brake pedal. Slowly, lift your foot from the foothold on the brakes for the vehicle to move. Only then the gas stepped on to increase its speed. Slide the lever to D1, D2 or D3 at the desired speed. When on the road uphill, slide the lever to position L. Familiarize step on the brake pedal, when shifting the lever.

One of the advantages of the car now, is the door lock that automatically works when the lever is shifted to D. Likewise for setting the position of the side mirror (rear-view) can be adjusted through the buttons located around the driver’s door. Another sophistication of this automated car now has several buttons mounted on the steering fingers, for example to set up a radio / TV / Audio complete with volume buttons.

How, interested to have an automatic cars? It does not seem to be hard to drive, is it? After learning how to drive an automatic car, do you want to change cars? Well, the more sophisticated the technology the easier it is to drive it, the higher its sense of security. However, we still pray, self-control must still be strong even in a hurry.

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How to Care For The Car Properly and Correctly

Used cars are our choice when buying a car for the first time. From economic considerations, cost-effective, to the introduction of treatments in the first experience. Nothing’s wrong with us buying a used car, but you have to know how to take care for it. It all depends on the availability of funds and how we choose these used goods.

What to watch out for is a used car hit by flood. Very inconvenient for us, from machine to electricity. We can imagine what if the electrical components are then submerged in flood, not to mention the interior, hoses, etc.

After buying a car, of course we think about how to care for used cars well. Indeed car care from various damages is very important. Because if it is broken then the relationship is always with the finances, even we have to take the time.

Well, here are the ways to care for used cars we just bought:

  • Note the condition of the legs of cars like, tires, brakes, and shock breaker, make sure in good condition.
  • Watch for periodic oil changes, because oil plays a role in reducing internal friction within the machine. Outdated oil or too little amounts will cause friction that can make machine parts quickly damaged. Therefore, car engine oil changes should be made periodically based on the needs of the car engine and vehicle mileage.
  • Check the Radiator, because the radiator serves as a cooling temperature on the car engine, on a usage scale, the radiator water needs to be replaced, and check for leakage on the radiator, in case of leakage immediately overcome the leak.
  • Keep the car never run out of fuel, because the car tank vacuum can cause rust that makes the tank to leak.
  • Timing belt replacement periodically, timing belt is a belt that serves to continue the rotation of the gears connected to the internal parts of the machine. Usually the age of the timing belt is determined by the mileage every 40,000 km.
  • Tune up occasionally or once every two months, to ensure spark plugs, fuel filters, and oil work well.
  • Treat car paint properly, try to free from rain water and sea water, because water containing acid is too high will easily damage the paint and the body of our car.
  • Love the car you bought even in the former state, because we buy it with money, appreciate your efforts at the time of buying.
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Favorite Toys Of The Nineteen Fifties, Sixties & 1970s

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Rolex Retailer Locator

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Car Features Essential for Road Trips

If you plan on forgoing security lines at the airport and cramped seating in airplanes, traveling by car is a viable alternative. Traveling by road may not be as fast as traveling by air, but you may be more interested in the journey rather than the final destination. Do you plan on renting or buying a new car for your upcoming travels? If so, there are a few features you’ll want to make sure your vehicle has to keep you comfortable from the first mile to the final home stretch of your journey.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Long stretches of road where you don’t have to do a lot of breaking or weaving around cars calls for adaptive cruise control. This feature gives your foot a rest, and it improves your overall gas mileage. Depending on the make and model of vehicle, adaptive cruise control can brake your car in a traffic jam, or even take care of steering in more cutting-edge vehicles.

Ventilated and Heated Seats

Seats that are too cold or too hot can turn a long drive into an absolute nightmare. Car seats that are ventilated or heated can keep you comfortable and focused on the road. That said, you’ve got to be careful your heated seat doesn’t make you sleepy while behind the wheel.

Head-Up Display

Taking your eyes off the road for just a second can result in an accident, even for the most careful of drivers. Some newer car models come with a head-up display that shows vital information right on the windshield so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road more than necessary. Your current speed, navigation data, and radio info can all be displayed in front of your eyes.

Lane-Keep Assist

Maybe you plan on bringing your kids along with you on your road trip. If so, they can distract you from keeping your eyes and attention on the road. Having a car with lane-keep assist better ensures you don’t weave out of one lane into another—and into another car into the process. Besides fussing kids, fatigue and other distractions can cause you to veer out of your lane. Lane-keep assist can sound a chime or vibrate the steering wheel to put your attention back where it belongs and better ensure you pay closer attention.

Wireless Phone Charging

Smartphones are undoubtedly a driving distraction, but they’re also a great convenience to have on the road. From getting reliable directions and finding the nearest gas station to calling for a tow when you break down in the middle of nowhere and finding the perfect song, your phone can do it all. That said, your the device can only do that when it has enough battery. Phones with wireless charging capabilities make it so you don’t have to struggle as much to find the right cord and charger that’s compatible with your phone’s outlet. Be sure to keep this feature in mind while finding the right car for a road trip.

Navigation System

Rather than using your phone to get directions to your final road trip destination, you can use the car’s navigation system instead. You may prefer this to your phone’s small display and potentially unreliable connection to the car’s system. Just make sure you do some research on the navigation system beforehand to ensure it’s reliable, accurate and actually useful.

Adaptive Suspension

You’re likely to encounter varying road conditions on your trip, such as tight turns and bumpy roads. To better ensure the most comfortable ride possible, you’ll want a car model with adaptive suspension. That way, you can switch between options like “sport,” “comfort” and “normal.”

Road trips are made that much better when you’re behind the wheel of a great automobile. Look for these features before you hit the road.…

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Buat Akun Microsoft Pada Windows8

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Norman S. Poser, James A. Fanto

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